10 Best Affordable Cars for Under £15,000

20th Dec 2016

On average people in the UK spend about £22,000, so it will come as a relief to know that there are some really good cars that are reasonably priced and are good value for money.


Citroen C4 Cactus

The C4 Cactus range starts under £15,000 when taking into account Evans Halshaw discounts. Not only is the C4 Cactus practical, spacious inside and cheap to run, there is no denying that it stands out with its funky & unique design. Whether you like the look or not, the Citroen C4 Cactus is one of the best affordable cars and shows Citroen at its best. The cheapest model is the C4 Cactus PureTech Touch 5 door which has a 1.2 engine size, also making it a very economical and cheap car to run. 

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Citroen C4 Cactus

Dacia Duster SUV

If you want to jump on the SUV 'bandwagon' on a budget, the Dacia Duster is a reasonably priced way to do it. The entry level model from the Dacia Duster SUV range starts from just under £11,000, a more equipped top of the range model can be yours for £15,000, right on target.

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Dacia Duster


As one of the most chic and iconic cars of all time the MINI One has a unique appeal. As a pre-registered vehicle the MINI is an affordable car which also has great heritage here in the UK. Though, be cautious of the extra options. As tempting as they may be they could make the final price sky rocket.

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Mini One

Kia Cee'd

Kia Cee'd's appeal is easy and the car is exceptionally practical and comfortable. With our £15,000 mark, you can secure the Cee'd in the standard 1.4 trim, which already comes with some good extras included. This is a lot more affordable than it's rivals, the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra.

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Kia Ceed

Seat Ibiza

The Seat Ibiza is an all-round beauty with the colour choices. Each colour choice flows through the interior and exterior making this a fun model.  The Seat Ibiza is now more efficient and economical to run with its latest EcoTSI engine, which 'frostiness' of a petrol engine mixed with the productivity of a diesel engine. The Seat Ibiza starts from £12,315, leaving a bit extra to upgrade your spec.

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Seat Ibiza

Peugeot 2008

With growing competition in the small crossover market, the 2008 has been redesigned with a new look to add more appeal. The obvious changes are the redesigned at the front to include the badge. You can get your hands on the fresh 2008 for a mere £13,000 on the standard spec.

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Peugeot 2008

Ford KA+

This is now Ford's new smallest & cheapest model. The Ka + starts at low price of £9000. The standard model comes with remote central locking, electric windows and electric door mirrors. But at an attractive price, one can afford to throw in a few options for a small price. This Ford Ka+ stylish city car is nearly as practical as the Ford Fiesta, but has the benefits of economical running costs. The model is only offered on a 1.25 litre engine.

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Ford Ka Plus

Renault Clio

The new Renault Clio has a very distinctive style and is remarkably comfortable. The exterior has a captivating and seductive aura, whilst the new refined interior hints sophistication. Undeniably the Renault Clio is a versatile car. With a £15,000 Budget, you can get yourself a well-equipped Renault Clio with a diesel engine handling up to 83.1mpg making it extremely economical. 

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Renault Clio

Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is without a doubt one of the best city cars around. The i10 was given a fresh look both to the interior and exterior in 2016 in a bid to be more competitive with its rivals. Not only is the Hyundai i10 spacious inside, but it is also exceptionally efficient. Sometimes, it's all about low running costs and effortlessness of use. For £10,075 you can get yourself an i10 SE which includes electric windows, air conditioning, heated mirrors and cruise control.

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Hyundai i10