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Motoring can be complicated at times, leaving many searching for guidance and answers to various topics and commonly asked questions. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or maintain your car, or just fancy an interesting read, our team of expert contributors have researched and written an array of articles to help out.

Our topics include:

Buying Guides

Thinking about buying a car or van but not sure where to start? From explaining the different types of finance available, to highlighting the best vehicles within each segment, our buying guide blog section covers a variety of topics related to the purchase of a vehicle.

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Owner's Guides

Owning a car or van comes with a range of responsibilities that can often be confusing. MOTs to road tax and everything in between, our Owner's Guides section helps you understand a variety of aspects of vehicle ownership.

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Selling Guides

So, the time has come to exchange your vehicle for something newer. Or maybe you just want to sell it for good? Our selling guide section covers all things related to selling your vehicle to help you understand what options you have when parting ways with your motor.

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Driving Guides

Whether you're new to driving or vastly experienced, there are plenty of challenges that you need to overcome while out on the road. Our Driving Guide section is home to a range of articles to help you when behind the wheel.

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Hybrid and Electric Guides

Hybrid and electric cars have had a huge increase in popularity in recent years, and naturally, this rising interest comes with a variety of questions. Our Hybrid and Electric section answers these questions, provides help with charging and owning an electric car, and highlights some of the best currently available.

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At Evans Halshaw, we understand that there's more to motoring than simply buying, selling and maintaining your vehicle. In our Insight section, we study a wide variety of motor-related topics and uncover interesting points to discuss with your friends.

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Since their introduction many moons ago, cars and vans have become a pivotal means of travel for many around the world. In our History section, we take a look at the heritage of some of the world's most iconic brands and their models.

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In our Spotlight articles, we take a deep dive into iconic cars and explain their rise to success and what features make them stand out from the competition.
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From games for your children to play while on a long road trip, to automotive gift ideas for petrolheads, our Lifestyle section is home to a wide range of interesting articles.
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Are you in the market for a brand-new car or van with flexible finance options to spread the cost? Or would you simply like to know more about the various finance choices available? Our finance blog section is home to a range of helpful advice to help you understand vehicle financing.
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