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Best Hybrid Motability Cars 2023

27th Apr 2023

By Ellie Brown

Why lease a hybrid car on the Motability Scheme?

With environmentally-friendly technologies becoming increasingly important in today's motoring world, more Motability customers are turning to alternatively-fuelled cars, including self-charging hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

These cars offer much lower emissions but retain many of the driving characteristics of conventionally-powered automatic petrol and diesel cars, and bridge the gap between "normal" cars and fully electric Motability cars.

This is especially true of mild hybrids, which drive exactly the same as petrol/diesel vehicles but improve performance in addition to lowering fuel consumption and emissions. They're also available with manual transmissions

Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid

Hyundai Tucson Hybrid

This latest generation Hyundai Tucson is an absolute masterclass in terms of forward-thinking design. It looks like nothing else on the road, and still manages to be hugely practical, spacious, and comfortable.

SUVs are very handy for Motability customers who require increased space and ride height, while the added benefits of comfort and even a bit of off-road ability come in handy, too.

Tucson PHEV versions use a 13.8kWh battery that can be conveniently charged while out and about or at home in as little as two hours, making them ideal for carrying out daily duties on electric power alone.

Type of hybrid: Plug-in hybrid

Combined (average) fuel economy: Up to 201.8 mpg

CO2 emissions: From 31g/km

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Nissan Qashqai e-POWER

Nissan Qashqai Hybrid

The latest generation of Nissan Qashqai is undoubtedly one of the best Motability cars you can purchase through the scheme, and has been at or near the top of the Motability sales charts for years.

Its success has been built on balancing out a number of areas that appeal to disabled car buyers:

  • It's high enough, so you don't have to bend down to get in, but not so high that you have to climb
  • It's large enough to feel really roomy inside, but not so big that it's hard to manoeuvre around town
  • The engine gives you plenty of power, but is also fuel efficient and doesn't cost a lot to run
  • Advanced technology is plentiful; however it's all well laid out and easy to use

Now equipped with hybrid technology as standard, it's moved the Motability car game to another big notch.

Type of hybrid: Full hybrid

Combined (average) fuel economy: Up to 53mpg

CO2 emissions: From 119g/km

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Ford Kuga PHEV

Ford Kuga Hybrid

The Ford Kuga is a family favourite in the SUV class, providing a high quality interior with plenty of technology and a generous amount of interior space to seat five comfortably enough.

As you'd expect from a Kuga, practicality is very high with a big boot and plenty of room in the back seats, as well as a spacious and well laid-out cabin for the driver and front passenger.

The full plug-in hybrid (Kuga PHEV) powertrain offers users maximum fuel economy and a pure electric driving range of up to 34 miles.

Type of hybrid: Plug-in hybrid

Combined (average) fuel economy: Up to 282.5mpg

CO2 emissions: From 22g/km

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Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid

Renault Captur E-Tech

The Captur E-Tech hybrid delivers a brilliantly smooth driving experience thanks to its full hybrid engine and excellent fuel efficiency, and being a Renault, it's super stylish and reliable too.

Two versions of the Captur E-Tech are available through the Motability Scheme. Mid-spec 'Techno' offers impressive standard equipment including rear parking sensors, hands-free key card access, and an advanced multimedia system. Further on up the line is 'Engineered', which offers climate control, electric rear windows, and bold exterior details for extra kerb appeal.

Drivers can enjoy the convenience of no charging as the Captur E-Tech is a full hybrid, so there's no need to plug in to reap the benefits.

Type of hybrid: Full hybrid

Combined (average) fuel economy: Up to 58.9mpg

CO2 emissions: From 107g/km

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Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid GS Line

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer

An efficient plug-in sibling of one of Vauxhall's most popular models, the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid boasts sharp design features, high-quality equipment, and a decent all-electric range.

Intelligent features such as front and rear parking sensors, traffic sign recognition, active cruise control, and single zone climate control make this really clever car very easy to live with for Motability customers.

Type of hybrid: Plug-in hybrid

Combined (average) fuel economy: Up to 256mpg

CO2 emissions: 23g/km

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Kia XCeed PHEV

Kia XCeed Exterior Front

If you're after a stylish hatchback with family-friendly practicality and impressive performance, the Kia XCeed is an ideal Motability vehicle for plenty of reasons.

Technology is something Kia does well, and the XCeed is no different, with interior features such as cruise control and Kia's reversing camera system coming as standard with all XCeed models. And thanks to its plug-in hybrid powertrain, you can benefit from a silky smooth driving experience, too.

Luggage space isn't compromised too much in the Xceed PHEV, thanks to its 8.9kWh battery, allowing a 426-litre boot that will do just fine for most.

Type of hybrid: Plug-in hybrid

Combined (average) fuel economy: 201.7mpg

CO2 emissions: 32g/km

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Renault Clio E-Tech Hybrid

White Renault Clio E-Tech Hybrid Driving

Taking on all the best-loved traits of the ICE-powered Clio and adding a more engaging, smooth experience and an eco-friendly way of driving, it's not surprising that the Renault Clio E-Tech Hybrid is such a hit amongst motorists in Britain.

The Clio E-Tech full hybrid is available to order through the Motability Scheme, which is great for those who want reduced emissions with no range anxiety due to its self-charging battery. This model returns a fantastic fuel economy of up to 64.2mpg (WLTP) with no sacrifice of power, as 0 to 62mph takes a respectable 9.3 seconds.

It's packed with tech too, with standard features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 9.3-inch touchscreen, and of course, you get all the safety gadgets you need to feel relaxed on the road.

Type of hybrid: Full hybrid

Combined (average) fuel economy: Up to 64.2mpg

CO2 emissions: From 98g/km

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Find your perfect hybrid Motability car at Evans Halshaw

With more hybrid vehicles becoming available on the Motability Scheme, this list will grow and update to include all the latest additions. Manufacturers are placing more focus than ever on electrifying their model range, which is exciting news for Motability customers.

Hybrid cars make the jump into the world of electrified vehicles an easier one than perhaps fully electric cars do, as they retain the familiar combustion engine that's always there when you need it.

Browse our latest Motability offers to find the ideal car for you.