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Citroen Berlingo Van

Having produced over 1.5 million Berlingo vans since their launch in 1996, you could say that Citroën know a thing or two when it comes to creating dependable workhorses. Now in its third generation, the Berlingo van is safer and more refined than ever.

Citroën have designed the Berlingo van so that it can be tailored to your exact needs, with a variety of different sizes, cabins, and fittings available. There are two versions to choose from, called the 'Worker' and 'Driver'.

The 'Worker' variant has been designed to be a bit more rough and tumble, with a number of features that allow it to tackle different terrains and carry more weight. Alternatively, the 'Driver' offers a more refined ride, making it ideal for professionals who spend more time in the urban environment.

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Silver Citroen Berlingo X Van

Citroën Dispatch

Citroën Dispatch has been among the UK's best-selling panel vans for some time now because of its ability to get the job done without costing an arm and a leg to run on an annual basis. The latest generation Dispatch has been upgraded to meet the needs of the modern working professional, with a refined drive taking centre stage alongside a number of desirable safety features.

Dispatch has the ability to haul up to a 1,400kg payload, which is even more useful when you consider there is up to 6.6m3 of space in the back for your business to utilise. Having been designed to adapt to your needs, Dispatch is available in three different sizes, meaning you're never paying more for something you don't need. An ergonomic interior has been coupled with a series of driver aids to make everyday a comfortable one, regardless of the destination.

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new citroen dispatch enterprise plus

Citroen Relay

Despite being the largest van Citroën offers, the Relay shares a similar driving experience with its smaller counterparts, meaning you'll never be exhausted after a day on the road. The robust nature of the Relay makes it perfect for just about any job you throw at it, while the generous levels of equipment make it a fine companion on a daily basis.

The Relay is available in a number of different variations, which ranges from greater heights, larger wheelbases, and longer lengths. Regardless of the variant you choose, you'll benefit from a minimum of 8m3 storage capacity in the rear, which grows to a mammoth 17m3 on the largest spec Relay. Even if you opt for the most basic audio option, you will enjoy Citroën's 'Connecting Box', which offers a Bluetooth hands-free kit as well as a USB port.

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Citroen Relay Van