The Best Green Cars You Can Buy

21st Dec 2016

The electric vehicle market is soaring. According to statistics there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for electric vehicles in the UK. We have seen a significant rise in registrations from 3,500 in 2013 to a massive 155,000 by June 2018, affirming government predictions of an electric future for the car industry.

With the emergence of further Electric, Hybrid and additional alternatively-fuelled environmentally friendly vehicles, we're in no doubt that this figure will only surge.

Not only do electric vehicles help to reign in the pennies and offer major cost savings, but they also help to contribute to a healthier environment. Have you considered going electric? Discover the top green cars that you can buy!

Nissan Leaf

Take full advantage of the brand-new, award-winning Nissan LEAF, which is available in a choice of 3 different specs. Feel a whole new sense of exhilaration in this 100% electric motor, enhanced recently with all-new technologies including the E-PEDAL and PROPILOT.

This electric car eliminates the usual running costs including annual road tax bills, petrol and diesel costs and offers the new and improved large-capacity battery with an NEDC range of 235 miles. Recharge at home within 7.5 hours or if you're on the move call in at your local Nissan dealership, they will let you quick-charge your LEAF for free!

If top fuel efficiency wasn't enough wait until you see the LEAF's valiant new look. Discover this all-new intrepid design including the inspiring floating roof and the iconic v-motion grille. Nissan proudly present an exciting new colour palette which includes a range of 9 exhilarating body colours!

Nissan Leaf Offers
Nissan Leaf

Renault Zoe

The all-new version of Renault's electric car is one of the lowest priced on the market. However, don't let the low-price fool you, the new Renault ZOE still comes with great spec including an additional Android auto compatibility and thrilling new colour choices.

On top of that, an updated R110 motor allows for a whopping 250-mile range, which is better than most of its rivals. The alternate Q90 engine is ideal for faster charging and accommodates for the rapid Chameleon charger which is found at most service stations. Depending on your driving circumstance, the two different ZOE engines cater for alternate consumer needs.

The ZOE has always got your back with the eco-mode function which allows for dynamic driving performance at the cost of slightly reduced heating or air con performance. The new R-LINK application permits you to access nearby charging points on your journey, ensuring that you're always in the loop.

Renault Zoe Offers
Renault Zoe

Kia Niro

Kia's first entry into the hybrid market is a solid green contender. The Kia Niro is well-ahead of fellow Kia models in fuel efficiency, achieving an impressive 74.3mpg whilst only emitting 88g/KM CO2. Evidently, the Niro's combined battery and engine delivers a dynamic performance, making it a win-win choice.

What makes this hybrid unique is its ability to accommodate 427 litres of luggage thanks to the location of the battery pack under the seats. The flexible Niro can extend this space by up to 1425 litres when the rear seats are folded, making this supple motor a strong competitor in the green market.

The fuel-efficient Niro makes no sacrifice on style or bravura thanks to a wide selection of toys and gadgets including an 8" touch screen sat nav, 18" alloy wheels, privacy glass and a wireless smartphone charger. Kia have ensured that the specialised Niro is available in three different specs to suit each individual's needs, so take your pick!

Kia Niro Offers
Kia Niro

Kia Optima Sportswagon

Kia's future brand vision is 100% ECO-friendly. Commencing the year 2020, Kia look to achieve a further 11 environmentally sustainable cars within the franchise, ensuring a forward-thinking approach which is entirely green.

Kia sustains their promise to both people and nature by introducing their second green car, the Kia Optima Sportswagon. Discover this intrepid motor which compromises a Plug-in Hybrid engine and an all-new advanced powertrain. Its delivery on performance whilst cutting back on emissions makes this supple mover a strong contender within the green vehicle market.

As one of the few environmentally aware vehicles within the estate vehicle market, this spacious Sportswagon is an exclusive opportunity to go green. The all-new Optima Sportswagon is incredibly spacious and comes inclusive with an 8" touchscreen navigation and a reversing camera system.

7 more reasons to purchase a Kia is for its 7-year manufacturer warranty, which beats all of its competition.

Kia Optima Offers
Kia Optima

Hyundai IONIQ

If the Hyundai IONIQ offers one thing to customers, it's choice. The IONIQ can be fitted with three types of drivetrain within one body type, allowing you to choose the exact type of eco-friendly car you desire and feel comfortable with.

Incredibly, the IONIQ comes as a hybrid, electric or plug-in-hybrid, so whether you want to jump straight into a fully electric vehicle or ease yourself in with a hybrid, the Hyundai IONIQ is perfect for you. Hyundai introduces the next-generation in eco-friendly vehicles, leaving the IONIQ a forward-thinking and unique choice in contrast to its competitors.

The beauty of having a Hyundai electric car is that you can charge it up faster than an iPhone! If you're on the move, a fast charge station can produce up to 80% charging time on a 50kW DC charger in approximately 30 minutes, which is cost efficient and environmentally friendly at the rate of no hassle at all!

Hyundai IONIQ Offers
Hyundai Ioniq

Renault Grand SCENIC

Why not ween yourself into the idea of 'green' motoring with this hybrid-assisted Renault Grand SCENIC. The hybrid version beats alternate Grand SCENIC models on fuel efficiency with an impressive 80.7 combined mpg and low CO2 emissions of 94 (g/km).

The Grand SCENIC is renowned as the essential vehicle for large families. If you're interested in saving those precious pennies, whilst contributing to the environment, then this indispensable 7-seater is sculpted into a stylish, aerodynamic model, which is a necessity for those precious family outings.

With four different versions to choose from, the SCENIC aims to please a variety of driver suitability. Though all models are well-equipped with 20" alloy wheel trims and all modern safety features such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning and brake assist, ensuring that your family is well-looked after and protected by first-class technology.

So why not cut the costs and go green with this resourceful, safety-conscious, spacious family car?

Renault Grand SCENIC Offers
Renault Grand Scenic

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Even Ford has moved a step forward by introducing its first hybrid vehicle. Embrace the refinement of the Mondeo Hybrid and enter the world of fuel-efficiency. The system delivers a consistent combined fuel economy of over 70 miles per gallon with a CO2 of just 92g/km.

Experience the best of both worlds with petrol and electric power combined. The innovative idea behind this function allows the electric motor to take over your shorter journeys, saving those emissions for longer journeys. This all-new smart technology can take control of your cost-saving by learning when to shift from petrol to electric.

The high-quality spacious Ford Mondeo is a popular family car which is why it is available in four different stylistic models including the ST-Line Edition. Grasp this state-of-the-art designed motor and do your bit for the environment at no expense of style or performance.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid Offers
Ford Mondeo