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Introducing the Kia EV6

Kia's first ever battery electric vehicle (BEV) built on their new dedicated EV platform, the EV6, delivers a long-electric range, zero emissions and ultra-fast charging.

This revolutionary crossover provides a similar sized cabin space to mid-size SUVs, intuitive technology and supercar levels of acceleration.

As an overall package the Kia EV6 is a seriously compelling proposition. Look deeper into the details and there's an aspect of the vehicle that will appeal to any type of driver whether they're interested in practicality, performance, efficiency, emissions or sustainability; the EV6 ticks the boxes.

Design and Practicality

Kia EV6 Rear

A head-turning, striking exterior design suits the nature of the EV6, focusing on being futuristic and fully electric.

Equally as attractive is the interior of the electric crossover, relax amongst sustainable materials such as seats developed from recycled PET plastic bottles and high-quality vegan leather or suede.

Storage space is fantastic for an all-electric vehicle, due to the flat battery being positioned under the floor, with a large boot capacity of 520 litres. This space can increase to 1,300 litres with the second-row of seats folded down.

Ready for another positive of this exceptional vehicle? It boasts a towing capacity of up to 1,600kg, making it even more practical as a family vehicle.

Technology and Safety

Kia EV6 Interior

Kia have managed to ensure the technology and safety equipment included with the EV6 is as futuristic as the fully-electric crossover itself.

A captivating 12-inch curved infotainment display is the focal point of the attractive interior, whilst an augmented reality (AR) head-up display system is offered as method of making driving safer than ever.

Driver assistance systems are plentiful and you can expect the following to provide a less stressful and more pleasurable driving experience:

  • Safe Exit Assist (SEA)
  • Lane Following Assist (LFA)
  • Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2)
  • Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)

Range and Performance

Kia EV6 Driving

Over 316 miles can be driven on a single charge thanks to the EV6's 77.4kWh battery providing an excellent long distance all-electric range, that's similar to the distance you would expect from a conventional car powered by a petrol internal combustion engine (ICE).

Now, if that fantastic range didn't impress you, the EV6's performance figures are sure to leave you in awe. In a mere 3.5 seconds, the GT version of the fully electric crossover can zoom from 0 to 62mph; encroaching on supercar territory speeds there.

A smaller 58.0kWh battery is also on the cards and both battery sizes are available with either two-wheel or all-wheel drive so there really is an EV6 to suit any type of driver.


Kia EV6 Charging

Offering both 800V and 400V charging capabilities, the EV6 can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in a quick time of just 18 minutes.

Alternatively, thanks to ultra-fast charging, if you need an even quicker boost with the 800V high-speed multi-charging system, the EV6 can gain an extra 60 miles of driving range from just five minutes of charging.

Charging can be completed at home, work or at public charging stations, but the time and cost will vary depending on where you go to charge the vehicle.

Another convenient point worth a mention is that the EV6 can actually supply up to 3.6kW of electricity, providing power in emergencies or acting as a portable generator, cool right?

Kia EV6: coming soon to Evans Halshaw

Fast, attractive, practical and kinder to the environment: there's very little reason to dislike the fully electric Kia EV6.

If you'd like to here more about this vehicle or find out when it's available in our showrooms, contact your nearest Evans Halshaw Kia retailer.