Vauxhall Young Drivers

09th Oct 2018

Vauxhall Young Driver

'Young Driver' is the UK's most recognised pre-17 driving education programme which saw increased lesson sales by over 30% in 2017. The increasingly popular scheme allows children and accompanying family members to take part across 60 training centres in the UK.

Young Driver provides the facilities for children as young as 5 to benefit from a premature experience behind the wheel. Don't worry though, these are not genuine cars but mini-electric cars created by Young Driver, which are designed for 5 to 10-year olds to practice in. In addition, 10 to 17-year olds are able to learn in duel-controlled cars with a fully qualified driving instructor on realistic road systems - how cool is that!

The Young Driver incentive follows an aim to reduce the number of young people in accidents, which is typically higher within the first 6 months of passing their test. According to research, comparable accidents can be halved with the right experience before the legal driver age of 17...

 From July 2017, Vauxhall have been proud sponsors of Young Driver and continue to maintain their reputation as one of the most popular car brands for many young drivers today. Especially since the release of the exciting New Corsa model, the fleet size assisting the events has increased by up to a whopping 20%. In total, 165 dedicated Corsa models participate in Young Driver events across the country, with an expected growth commencing the launch of 13 additional Super-Sites.

Vauxhall's involvement with the Young Driver scheme highlights the range of Vauxhall models which tick all the boxes for first-time and younger drivers!

Here are a few suggestions from Evans Halshaw;

The Vauxhall Corsa

The obvious one, the Vauxhall Corsa is becoming more and more popular for young people, usually for its cost-effectivity, fuel-efficiency and practicality - not to mention its sporty design which looks mint on the roads!

Cost Effective

Standard Corsa models will not break the bank to insure. Of course, this is a mega advantage for first-time/younger drivers because let's face it, you are the target for hefty insurance quotes. Respectively, the lower-end models start in insurance group 2, which is out of 50 insurance groups. With 50 being the highest and most premium group, you can imagine group 2 will generate a fairly reasonable first quote for you. Undoubtedly, the longer you have been driving and the more no claims you receive, the less risk you are in the eyes of insurance providers, therefore reducing your outgoings on future quotes.


The new Vauxhall Corsa offers peace of mind for parents and also peace of mind for young drivers, who want to be getting from a to b using as little pennies as possible. All models available now in the Corsa range comes with 1.4-litre petrol engines, offering as high as 57.6 mpg, ensuring you're getting the most out of those annoying fuel costs. CO2 emissions are as low as 130(g/km) too, which depending on the registered date of your Corsa varies between £110 and £160 per year in tax.


 Though considered generally small, the Vauxhall Corsa is actually one of our bigger cars in the hatchback range. If you're a first-time driver, you're in for a treat with the Corsa, with heaps of space inside and a roomy boot too. The Corsa is not seen as the ideal family car but with three seats available in the back for all your friends, there will be no problem being designated driver for all those weekend trips away.

The Vauxhall ADAM

The Vauxhall ADAM is an increasingly popular car with younger drivers too. Generally smaller in size than the Corsa, the stylish ADAM also brings those three necessities for all you first-time/younger drivers; cost-effectivity, fuel-efficiency and practicality.

Cost Effective

 Insurance quotes against a Vauxhall ADAM are typically low. Similar to the Corsa, standard models generally start from insurance group 2 out of 50, ensuring that the quote will be around the lowest it can be for your first car. If you do want to push the boat out for something a bit sportier with more power, you can go for the ADAM S, which sits in insurance group 15. It really depends what you can afford, but the more experience driving you have will generally bring any future insurance quotes down extensively.


The new Vauxhall ADAM offers a range of 1.2-litre and 1-4-litre petrol engines, which are very economical. Producing up to 61.4 mpg, the Vauxhall ADAM 1.2i-litre is your best engine variant if you want to keep those running costs down. The CO2 emissions are low too, producing as low as 128(g/km), so again depending on the registered date of your ADAM, your looking at between £110-£165 per year in car tax. Overall, you can expect better MPG with the ADAM compared to the Corsa but the same costs in tax.


 In comparison to the Corsa, maybe you are sacrificing a minimal amount of practicality in your ADAM – for a more sophisticated styling. The ADAM is smaller, only slightly though, and still offers good practicality with three seats in the back. With its punchy engine and peppy ride, the ADAM makes for the perfect city car but can adapt to country driving on occasion. Why would you not want to show off your too-cool-for-school ADAM in the city though, with more than 20 trim colours, 5 optional roof lining and 18 seat finishes to choose from!

The Vauxhall VIVA

The smallest of the bunch is technically the Vauxhall VIVA, though don’t let that fool you. This city car is renowned for its great value for money along with the three crucial elements which are ideal for first-time drivers - cost-effectivity, fuel-efficiency and practicality.

Cost Effective

The Vauxhall VIVA has been designed with young drivers in mind. If you’re looking for a reliable, practical city car with extremely low running costs, the VIVA is more than ideal. Insurance is always the main concern for first-time drivers and the basic VIVA model starts in the very low group 3, leaving you with nothing to worry about there. All in all, the 1.0i-litre engine, amazing fuel economy and low insurance group can reassure you that choosing the VIVA as your first car is a brilliant move.


 Available only with the 1.0i-litre engine, you can imagine the Vauxhall VIVA as the ultimate city car with the best economy. Producing up to 62.8mpg, confirms that the VIVA edges in with the better fuel economy, beating its Vauxhall competitors - the Corsa and ADAM. In addition, the CO2 emissions are just 117(g/km), placing the VIVA at just £30 per year for the car tax if registered before March 2017. If your looking for a brand-new one though or one registered after this date, you’ll be looking at £155 per year for the car tax.


 Inside the VIVA is surprisingly spacious for a city car as small as this, with 5 doors and 3 seats in the back. The VIVA also boasts more headroom than its rival hatchbacks, thanks to its tall shape. Generally designed for short trips with small amounts of luggage, the 60/40 split-folding rear seats will cater for flexibility on luggage and extra loads. The Vauxhall VIVA is an all-round practical supermini and is able to adapt to all driver situations on the occasion.

If you’re a young or first-time driver then you take full advantage of a number of offers at Evans Halshaw Vauxhall. You can enquire at any one of our dealerships nationwide or enquire on our wide range of used Vauxhalls.

If you’re interested in the Young Driver driving education programme you can book in to 1 of 60 training centres across the UK by clicking the button below:

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