Benefits of Buying an Electric Car

21st Sep 2022

By Heather Lewis

Advantages to going electric

Electric cars have proven they really are worth the popularity they've gained, and it's no surprise as to why. More and more EV models are being designed and produced, giving you so many options to choose from when buying an electric car.

With rising fuel costs, congestion charges, and the 2030 ban looming, it's never been a better time to forget the fuel and go electric. So, we've highlighted some of the top benefits you could get from having an electric car.

We've highlighted the top four benefits of having an electric car:

Lower Environmental Impact

Aerial View of Factories

When it comes to fuel, the clue is in the name. Electric cars use electricity in rechargeable batteries to power the car's motor, rather than using fuel.

This means there are no harmful emissions released into the environment that you'd usually get from petrol and diesel vehicles, making an electric car's carbon footprint and contribution to air pollution much lower.

As an EV produces no emissions, this means you also don't pay any road tax for driving an electric vehicle. So, not only is it a greener way to drive, but you also save your pennies in the long run.

Cheaper Running Costs

Electric Car Charger

If no road tax isn't a big enough incentive to go electric, maybe the lower running costs will be.

It's considerably cheaper to charge an EV than it is to fuel a petrol or diesel car, with the cost per mile to charge an electric car usually being much cheaper than other fuel alternatives.

The cost of charging depends on the location and charge point network, but with subscriptions available and the prices being generally much lower than petrol and diesel, charging an EV is a much more affordable driving option.

Not only is charging your vehicle cheaper, but the servicing costs are also lower as there are fewer mechanical components in electric cars that need maintaining and replacing, like oil filters and spark plugs.

Ease of Charging

Nissan LEAF Home Charging

A common worry when switching to an EV is the availability of charging points. But this shouldn't be something that holds you back from buying an electric car, as there's so many options when it comes to charging.

With plenty of affordable charging stations around the country that are constantly being improved and added to, you can charge your car in service stations, at roadside points, and you can even have a home charging point installed, making charging an easy and hassle-free experience.

Home charging is a real benefit for electric car owners, as it gives you the freedom to charge your car overnight from the comfort of your own home.

You can even get the majority of the installation cost of a home charger covered by the EV charge point grant through the government, saving you even more money.

Smoother Driving Experience

Renault Megane E-TECH Exterior Rear Driving

A final added incentive for a lot of drivers looking to make the switch to electric cars is just how fun they are to drive.

There's no hassle from the clutch or changing gears to deal with, similar to automatic vehicles, but you also don't have all that noise from a petrol or diesel car, making electric vehicles a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

Instant torque and no idling means you don't wait for the motor to spool, making electric cars generally much faster to accelerate.

If that isn't exciting enough, you can also get mobile apps that allow you to control your EV from your home, so you can heat or cool the car before you even start driving, giving you the ultimate driving experience before you even step in the car.

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Whether you're already set on going electric or just starting to consider switching, we hope these top four benefits of having an electric car will help you make the change and go electric.

If you're already set on switching to electric, you can view our top deals on electric vehicles, or if you're looking for more information on electric cars, head over to our blog section to read more.