Funny Private Number Plates You Can Buy

19th Nov 2018

The DVLA makes an estimated £160 million each year from personalised plates, with the priciest one ever sold by the organisation costing £518,000. The plate read '25 O' and was initially purchased by a Ferrari dealer in 2014. This particular private registration plate is now thought to be on a Ferrari 250SWB, which was once owned by Eric Clapton and estimated to be worth circa £10million (the number plate doesn’t seem so expensive now, does it?)

We’ve done our research and compiled a list of the wittiest registration plates currently available to purchase – with some of them available for just £250. With Christmas just around the corner, these might make the perfect gift for someone special (but not too easily offended) to you.

‘Oh My Gosh’

This one speaks for itself and would perfectly take pride of place on a showstopper car - the kind that would make your jaw drop and mutter ‘OMG’.

Don’t wait too long to enquire about this private plate, we’ve heard Basement Jaxx is eyeing this one up.

Number plate


This is the perfect personalised number plate for someone that is dedicated to helping save animals’ lives and the planet through veganism. Be quick though, ‘going vegan’ is the biggest food trend of 2018 as more and more people are becoming aware of healthy and ethical lifestyle choices. More than 542,000 people in the UK now follow a plant-based diet, so it won’t be up for grabs for long!

Number plate

‘Sassy Cow’

This one falls under the ‘for those that aren’t too easily offended’ category. Everyone has that extra sassy person in their friendship group, and if you haven’t, then it’s probably you.

This light-hearted private number plate is available for just £250 and there are plenty of ‘SA55’ combinations available! 

Number plate

‘Lol, just kidding’

With a reserve price of £2200, this private registration plate comes with a whole lot of attitude. Existing as one of the most popular abbreviations on the internet, ‘LOL, JK’ makes the ultimate private registration plate.

Number plate

‘Big poo’

Thinking outside the box on this one, and as amusing as it is, does it have the potential to double up as a great marketing stunt for a plumbing company? A Transit van wrapped in creative livery, accompanied by a registration plate that reads ‘BI6 P00’ is guaranteed to get people talking.

Failing that, this cheeky yet cheerful private registration plate is sure to bring many moments of amusement for other road-users.

Number plate


A phrase that has swept the nation – add as many a’s or s’ as deemed necessary. Often used to express enthusiastic support, excitement or congratulations. For example:

Friend: Do you want to go out this weekend?

Number plate


Let’s round the list up with a simple, yet tasteful option. This happy-go-lucky registration plate would perfectly complement a fun and quirky model. ‘H49 PPY’ would sit perfectly on a vintage VW Type 2 Campervan (all the happy hippie vibes) – or on any vehicle with a smiley, happy person behind the wheel of it for that matter.

Number plate

Although none of us can deny that a quirky or sassy registration plate can bring a smirk to our face and a few seconds of amusement when we spot one on the road, some of them are banned before we can even get hold of them. The DVLA axed a bunch of ’68 registration plates, deeming them to be too rude, offensive or just plain silly.

Every March and September when the new registration numbers come out, the DVLA’s team get together to weed out those that may cause offense through suggestive racism, sexism, homophobia and other potentially hostile or sensitive words. 2018 proved to be rather challenging with the ‘6’ easily standing for a ‘G’ and the ‘8’ existing as an interpretable ‘B’.

So, there you have it, the funniest and most amusing registration plates available to buy, as well as those that were just a little too sassy to make the cut.

Number plate