5 of the Best Car-Derived Vans

12th Dec 2022

By Edward Cook

Why buy a car-derived van?

Car-derived vans are useful if you only really need a car, but regularly carry tools, relatively small equipment, or products that would otherwise damage the interior of a car quite easily.

These vans provide far more load space than a car too, with the absence of back seats opening up a significant amount of extra cargo capacity.

You'll notice the driving experience is better than a traditional commercial vehicle, with the car-like handling, comfort, and interior features all designed with retail car buyers in mind. Fuel economy is another benefit; the lightweight size, compact dimensions and efficient engines saving you money with every trip compared to a mid-size or even a small van.

The best car-derived vans include:

Ford Fiesta Van

Blue Ford Fiesta Van Exterior Front Driving

Available with both petrol and diesel engines, the Ford Fiesta Van offers you the choice, dependent on your personal circumstance or preference. With the petrol engine producing 123bhp and the diesel 118bhp, the Fiesta Van has plenty of oomph. High power is at no detriment to the all-round cost of ownership, however, with fuel economy high and CO2 emissions low.

The Ford Fiesta Van benefits from the Ford SYNC infotainment system with voice control and an 8-inch touchscreen as standard. Additional standard features include air conditioning, a full-size spare wheel and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Latest generation Ford technology includes advanced driver assistance systems such as cruise control that can adapt automatically thanks to the built-in RADAR sensor. A specialised Lane Keeping System also teams up with the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) to offer an additional level of safety on the motorway.

The Fiesta was recently discontinued as part of Ford's electrified push, however there are plenty of used examples still available.


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Renault ZOE Van

White Renault ZOE Van Exterior Rear Loading

Derived from the brilliant and popular ZOE electric car, the ZOE Van is the first fully electric car-based van to go on sale in the UK. Renault knows a thing or two about electric vans, with the Kangoo Z.E. already a firm zero-tailpipe-emission favourite among businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fitted with a sizeable 50kWh battery, the ZOE Van is able to travel up to 245 miles on one charge according to WLTP testing. In the real world, that translates to around 233 miles in the summer and 150 miles in the winter, depending on how the van is used. Charging can be done at home or the workplace, with the battery going from empty to full overnight.

The battery isn't the only thing that's large, with the ZOE Van providing a full 1.0 cubic metres of loading space under its load compartment cover. The maximum payload is a useful 457kg (depending on the specification) which means you can carry all the tools and equipment you need without using a single drop of diesel.


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Vauxhall Corsavan

Blue Vauxhall Corsavan Exterior Front Driving

While you can no longer buy the Corsavan from new - it has been replaced by the fantastic Combo Cargo- there are still plenty of used examples around to snap up. You'll be able to find both petrol and diesel versions of what is still an excellent van, as well as both manual and automatic versions too - perfect if you envisage spending time in city centres.

The Corsavan is well-equipped with modern features including Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone connectivity with music streaming and USB connection. Standard tech also includes hill start assist, an anti-lock braking system and a full-size steel spare wheel.

It offers a greater payload than its long-term rival, the Fiesta Van, although load space is slightly lower at 0.92 cubic metres. Load length is slightly smaller, too.


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Dacia Duster Commercial

Blue Dacia Duster Commercial Exterior Front Static

Dacia's much-loved Duster car caused disruption when it was introduced to the automotive world due to its unrivalled value for money, so when the Romanian brand released the Duster Commercial, plenty of ears perked up.

It's one of the most practical car-based vans currently available, with over 1,600 litres of cargo space and a loading area that's hassle-free thanks to no loading lip and a flat floor. There's a range of technology available too, including a touchscreen media system, satellite navigation, and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay/Android Auto), ensuring you're ever-connected while out on site.

Coming as a petrol-only, the Duster Commercial offers three levels of power, to suit your personal needs. If you plan on tackling tricky terrain, a capable four-wheel drive system is also on offer, allowing you to make the most of the Duster's off-road ability and wading depth of 450mm.


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Land Rover Defender Hard Top Commercial

Land Rover Defender Hard Top Commercial Exterior Rear Driving

Almost everybody is familiar with the Land Rover name thanks to a range of iconic vehicles throughout the years. They've been used as workhorses in some of the most challenging of conditions, so we were glad to see the latest Defender enter the commercial vehicle world thanks to its retro styling and range of advanced features.

The Defender Hard Top Commerical is available through our partners over at Stratstone, and it is the most practical car-derived van on this list. Available in what's called 90 and 110 specifications, the Defender offers a maximum payload of 800kg and 2,000 litres of load space. Pair these with the Defender's inherent off-road ability, and you have a commercial vehicle that knows no bounds.

The available tech is similar to what you'd find in a Land Rover car, meaning you may benefit from the Pivi Pro infotainment system, smartphone integration, 3D Surround camera, and their intelligent Terrain Response 2 system.


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Discover your business' next commercial vehicle

With so many benefits on offer, the car-based van is an excellent half-way house if you prefer to drive a car but need the extra carrying capacity and practicality of a van. If you regularly carry larger or heavier loads, you may be better off looking at other types of vans.

If you're looking to find your business' next commercial vehicle, please contact your nearest Evans Halshaw retailer, where we can assist in finding a van that ticks all the boxes. Alternatively, our blog section is home to a range of handy guides related to vans.