All About Vans - An Overview

11th Jul 2019

All About Vans: An Overview

Vans, they don't half get bad press by other road users here in the United Kingdom. Yet, despite the grief vans and their drivers receive on a daily basis, we would all be pretty stuffed without them. There is a huge variety of professions that require the use of a van; with builders, plumbers and electricians being the first that come to mind. No vans means there is no way of these hard-working professionals completing work for you; see the point we're trying to make?

We're on the side of the hard-working people of Britain who need vans to complete their work. But, in there lies a problem. Because deciding what size van you need can be a tricky dilemma; you can risk overpaying for something you simply don't need. So, here's an overview of each type of van so that, hopefully, you'll have a better idea going forwards.

Car-Based Vans

If your profession requires the use of the van, and not a car, it may seem a pointless exercise for manufacturers to offer car-based vans, which are essentially regular cars with the rear converted into a loading space. However, car-based vans do serve a purpose; you'd be amazed by how useful they actually are.

Okay, so if you're a building merchant, then any car-based van is never going to be suitable. However, if you're a decorator in an urban setting, then a car-based van will have all the storage you need. The same can be said for other professions who don't need heavy duty transport; parcel delivery and florists spring to mind immediately.

If you find yourself using a car-based van, you will also be pleased to hear that running costs are generally cheaper than large vans. And you may be interested to read that the driving experience isn't too compromised, either.

Best Car-Based Vans
Ford Fiesta SportVan

Small Vans

The roads are littered with small vans; although there is a number of reasons for this, it all boils down to how versatile they are. In the car-based vans section, we spoke about the professions, such as florists and decorators, who would benefit from those vans. Yet, small vans are also brilliant for professionals working in these trades because of the extra space they offer. Essential for taking the next step up.

However, small vans are great for trades that require larger and heavier tools, such as local electricians and plumbers. Although small vans are a little bit dearer to run compared to car-based vans, the differences aren't major, but you will benefit from a larger loading space.

Best Small Vans
Citroen Berlingo

Medium Vans

Unsurprisingly, the medium sized van is the most common sight on Britain's roads. They can just about transport anything on a daily basis, while being extremely dependable over the course of their working life.

Truth be told, the medium sized van is about as close to the perfect all-round workhorse as you're going to get. Regardless of the trade you work in, you can enjoy a very generous storage space in the rear without having to worry about extortionate running costs.

In fact, modern medium sized vans are so efficient these days, it's not far off the equivalent of running a sports car. Not bad when you consider the size of the vehicle and the amount of weight they have to haul around on a daily basis.

Best Medium Vans
Peugeot Expert

Large Vans

These vans are the big daddies when it comes to the world of commercial vehicles that require only an ordinary driving licence. Every aspect of them is huge, literally. Massive storage space that can accommodate the bulkiest of equipment? Check. Wide opening doors and a side sliding door for easy access? Double check. Massive cabin for three people to sit in comfort throughout the day? You betcha.

Regardless of your trade, whether that's a builder or house mover, these massive vans are perfect for just about anything. As you'd expect, running costs are slightly higher compared to the smaller options mentioned earlier in this article. But that's a small price to pay when you consider the sheer amount of stuff you can move about in one trip; no need for a second journey here.

Best Large Vans
Citroen Relay

Hopefully you have a better idea of which sized van will best suit your profession and needs after reading this article.

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