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Introducing the New All-Electric Ford E-Transit

The Ford E-Transit is the fully electric version of the ever-popular Transit van, and should be considered as one of the biggest steps forward in the history of the Ford commercial vehicle line-up.

With businesses looking to become more environmentally friendly, the fact that the E-Transit has the exact same load space as the regular rear-wheel drive Transit (up to 15.1 cubic metres) will be celebrated. The payload is strong too; up to 1,758kg for van versions and 1,967kg for the chassis cab.

In total, 25 configurations of E-Transit will be available to order, including van, double-cab-in-van and chassis cab bodystyles as well as several different lengths and roof-heights.

Other benefits of the E-Transit include Ford's latest SYNC 4 infotainment system and the ability to power tools on the jobsite directly from the van using the Pro Power Onboard feature. FordLiive connectivity and telematics, integrated seamlessly into the E-Transit, will dramatically improve vehicle uptime.

Range and Performance

Ford E-Transit Pro Power Onboard

Equipped with a large (but not too large) 68kWh battery, the Ford E-Transit has an electric-only range of up to 197 miles WLTP, which Ford says is roughly triple what the average fleet driver covers on a daily basis.

This range and battery size have been optimised to take into account changes in vehicle loads and weather conditions, without fleet operators having to pay for battery capacity that they don't need.

E-Transit's whisper-quiet powertrain is a world away from the already highly refined turbodiesel engines fitted to regular Transit models. So, not only are tailpipe emissions reduced to zero, noise pollution is kept to a minimum, too.

Using the specially-programmed Eco Mode, drivers can reduce their energy consumption by up to 10 percent. Additionally, an integrated suite of Ford Pro solutions are in place to optimise efficiency and reduce the costs of ownership.


Ford E-Transit, Side, Charging

Charging performance is crucial to the success of fully electric commercial vehicles, and Ford have pulled out all the stops to ensure the E-Transit is well prepared in this area.

Where a dedicated wall box is installed (at home or at the depot), the E-Transit can make use of its onboard 11.3kW charger to go from 0 to 100 percent charge in 8 hours. In reality, it's unlikely you'll wait until the battery is fully depleted before topping up, which will reduce the time it takes to achieve a full charge.

Importantly, the E-Transit is fully equipped to take advantage of public 115kW DC rapid chargers, which can replenish the batteries from 15 to 80 percent in just 34 minutes.

Test Drive the New All-Electric Ford E-Transit at Evans Halshaw

As one of the first full-size cargo vans - and chassis cabs - available as a fully electric model, the Transit name is once again leading the way in the commercial vehicle sector.

A useful electric driving range and a payload comparable to diesel-powered versions mean businesses can greatly reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on capability.

For further information about the E-Transit, or to take one for a test drive, please contact your nearest Evans Halshaw Ford Transit Centre.