The Top 5 Most Customisable Cars for Sale

13th Mar 2018

When it comes to making a statement, a customisable car is the ultimate way to express your individuality (and we're not just talking about putting a huge wing on the back!).

Times have changed and the car industry has changed with it. These days, more and more car manufacturers are creating customisable cars with options and features which enable you to personalise your car to your tastes.

A quick image search on Google for customisable cars brings up some weird and wonderful creations, from retro re-makes to ultra-futuristic concepts and modified monsters. But hidden within the oddities are a few familiar faces, such as the MINI, the Stylish DS3 and the multi-faceted Vauxhall ADAM.

We take a look at these models, among others, and find out which one you should buy if you want to customise your own car.

MINI Hatch

BMW MINI led the charge on customisation when they first reappeared on British streets back in the early 2000s.

Harking back to the Blazing Summer of '69, the MINI featured a two-tone roof, bonnet stripes, different coloured door mirrors, go-faster stripes and chequerboard/union jack patterned decals.This riot of outrageous colour was a welcome change to the deluge of silver-coloured cars launched to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium.

Now in its 3rd generation, the MINI is as customisable as ever with different wheels and a choice of decals for the bonnet, roof and mirror caps, in addition to the almost limitless options available when using the MINI Yours personalisation programme.

White MINI Cooper


The DS3's configuration options followed in the MINI's footsteps with an avant-garde interpretation.

Full of flair, verve and effortless chic, the DS3 encapsulates Parisienne sophistication. Styled with a 'floating roof', shark fin shaped door pillar and a striking LED lighting display, the DS3 certainly turns heads.

There are 10 DS3 colours, including Sport Yellow, Powder Blue and Inca Yellow, the DS3 also has a number of customisable features. These include a two-tone roof, roof graphics with patterns including Zebra and Pixel and with a choice of seven different interior upholstery covers and a further seven different alloy wheel designs to choose from, there are infinite combinations to decide upon!

Black DS3

Nissan Micra

Since it was first launched 35 years ago, the Nissan Micra has been a firm favourite amongst motorists looking for a reliable city car.

The most recent version, launched in 2017, introduced plenty of customisable features and Micra configurations to the range.

Whether you want to scream it from the rooftops or subtly turn someone's head, with over 100 different colour and style options, there is a customisation option which will appeal to you. Energy Orange, paired with Enigma Black Exterior Pack Plus gives a striking bronze and black combination. Accented black or chrome tones highlight the sill, front skirt and door mirrors. Carry the personalisation through to the Micra's interior with upholstery styles which complement the details beautifully.

Black Nissan Micra

Fiat 500

There's a total of 13 Fiat 500 colours - 7 pastel shades, 5 metallic and a "Tricoat" urban white. Combine that with 18 different alloy wheel selections alongside 10 uniquely stylish interiors and you're clearly spoilt for choice.

But personalisation for the little Fiat doesn't stop there, with the latest generation 500 offering a "second skin" in one of two configurations - "small" that covers the beltline with a fashionable geometric pattern whilst "medium" covers the roof and pillars.

Also available are a wide range of graphics and badges, including offset twin stripes over the bonnet, roof and boot. There's even 11 different covers for your car key!

Because of all the personalisation options from new, the Fiat 500 makes for a great value used car buy.

Fiat 500 White

Vauxhall ADAM

The Vauxhall ADAM, a cheeky, zesty little super mini with bags of sass and attitude, is currently the most customisable car available.

With every Vauxhall Adam model, the colour palette is bold and daring. With 12 different shades with such witty names as Purple Fiction, Shades of Grey and James Blonde, the ADAM is not car which takes itself too seriously. Style, however, is a given and you can make your ADAM stand out with a contrasting roof and bonnet.

Other customisable features include the wing mirrors, front grille bars, rear-view mirror covers in addition to a massive selection of vinyl decals. The choice of decals includes Monogram, Splats, Stripes for roof, bonnet and doors and a number '01' for the door, bonnet or roof.

Grey Vauxhall ADAM