Get Your Truck Ready for Summer

19th Jul 2018

As summer approaches, although we're pleased that the weather is getting warmer, the roads tend to get a bit busier with people embarking on road trips.

A common misconception is that trucks only need to be prepared for winter weather conditions. However, it is also incredibly important to get your truck for the summer.

Below, Evans Halshaw DAF have listed the five most important maintenance points for your truck in the summer:

1) Check Your Tyre Pressure

It's guaranteed that if your tyres are over or under-inflated, they will not perform at the correct standard. In some cases, they can get too hot and they will be at risk of exploding, which isn't safe for driver or passengers (obviously!).

Properly inflated tyres also optimise your miles per gallon, which can save you money!

Tyre Pressure

2) Battery Maintenance

Many people aren't aware that summer heat can drain batteries 33% faster than the cold and eventually can cause battery failure. Maintaining your battery is very important at all times - not just during the winter.

Natural chemical processes in lead acid batteries are sped up by heat. In some cases, this can cause the battery's electrolytes to evaporate.

This can increase the likelihood and severity of sulfation, which creates corrosion on the battery's plates, robbing it of its energy capacity.


3) Check Your Air Conditioner

We're all very appreciative of air conditioning in the summer months as sitting in an overly warm truck is never much fun!

Take the opportunity during the warmer months to check your air conditioner for leaks in its valves and hoses. It's imperative that drivers are cool, comfortable and happy throughout every journey.

Air conditioning

4) Check Cooling System

Check your vehicle's cooling system for leaks, cracked or chafed hoses and drive belt condition. Ensure cooling system inhibitor content - it's as important in the hotter summer months as it is during the cold winter months.
Cooling system

5) Check the Electrical System

Newer trucks can be more complex than older ones, so checking the electrical system is becoming much more important.

All you need to do is check the engine's electronic control wiring as well as your battery cables and wiring. Doing this will ensure you know whether they are corroded or frayed and gives you the opportunity to fix the connections if necessary. Strong and protected connections are necessary for a fully healthy truck.

Electric bolt