Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS: The Full Comparison

20th Nov 2017

Fast Fords have always been head-turners. From the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth with its enormous whale-tail, to the mighty Ford GT V8 muscle. Ford performance cars have been developed for the true enthusiast. Small and agile for handling, meaty and powerful for sheer straight-line power.

Ford's current range of flagship performance cars are no different. The Focus RS is a rapid, tenacious beast. With a tight turning circle, all-wheel drive and sports suspension it easily winds its way down even the most challenging of English country roads.

Speed and Acceleration

However, the Ford Mustang, is a muscle car built for brute strength. A Mustang is a wild American horse, an untamed stallion roaming free across the prairies of the Mid-West. Because of their wild nature they were infamously hard to tame, only the best riders able to stay in the saddle of a bucking Bronco.

Similarly, the Mustang is unbridled power. Unseen on these shores until recently, cars with such large engines were previously considered too large, unnecessary and overly loud for this quaint little isle. But that is just the point of a Mustang. They are built to be powerful, over-the-top and very loud and so the arrival of American Muscle to these shores has been welcomed with open arms by many a fan.


The Ford Focus RS is everything you would expect from a Hot Hatch, and some. Re-imagined with ultra-performance technology, the RS offers a European alternative to the Japanese drifters. Despite the firm sport suspension, the ride is comfortable at high speeds with only a slight roll on turns and corners, assuring you of the sheer quality of the grip of your Michelin tyres.

The Ford Mustang was originally designed for drag races so the emphasis is very much upon straight-line speed. Less agile on the corners than the rapid RS the Mustang comes into its own in mid-pace power. Where the RS is fast out of the blocks, the Mustang's strength is in steady continuous acceleration even into the higher revs.


Both the Ford Focus RS and the Ford Mustang come equipped with FordSYNC infotainment systems offer connectivity as well as performance. Touchscreen interaction and voice-recognition technology enables you to focus on why you bought it, driving for fun!

Grey Ford Focus RS Drift Mode
Ford Focus RS Interior

Horses for Courses

Comparing the two cars is like comparing two athletes. Take Usain Bolt and Mo Farah for instance. Both were high-performing athletes at the top of their game but are built for very different sports. Bolt has incredible agility and explosive acceleration, just so with the RS which accelerates from 0-62 in just 4.7 seconds and has a top speed of 165mph.

Farah however, is a toned, trained long distance runner; his magic is in his after-burner. Just as his opponents are slowing up, Farah kicks into another gear and shows a rate of acceleration which leaves his peers in his wake. Equally, the Mustang, when pitted against the RS will be slower to accelerate initially, with a 0-62 of 5.3 seconds, slower than the RS. But, because of the larger engine, the Mustang just keeps accelerating. Whilst the RS will ease up at max revs and start to plateau at about 120mph, the Mustang continues to accelerate all the way up to its maximum speed of 155mph.

Ford RS and Mustang on track

Engine Performance

So, what's under the bonnet driving these very different powerful machines? The RS has a 2.3-litre Turbo Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. Producing 345bhp and with pulling power of 440Nm, it's easy to see why it's the first off the line. The second you put pedal to metal, the turbo kicks in, the AWD system grips the road and the RS is pulling away. Harnessing all 345 of those horses the Focus RS is out of the blocks and moving away with speed, aggression and irresistible presence.

The Ford Mustang however is a very different beast. Built specifically for straight-line speed, the Mustang has longer legs which must be stretched in order to fully appreciate its grace and power. Once it is moving, the Mustang's 425 horses are unleashed in a majestic display of raucous power. Pulling away from the RS in a quarter mile drag race, 524Nm of torque throws you back into your seat and propels this machine of speed into the middle of next week.

Whilst the Ford Focus RS has all of the pop and growls and whistles of a happy hardcore rave, the Ford Mustang has a soundtrack of pure rock. Bass engine notes vibrate the ground as it idles and make every hair stand on end as the lead singer belts out his outrageous war cry anthem.

Either one of these majestic beasts can be yours by visiting one of our Evans Halshaw Ford Dealerships. Arrange a test drive in the sporty, aggressive and incredibly fun-to-drive Focus RS. Experience the incredible thrill of its tight handling on the turns and corners and be exhilarated by its sheer thrust when you take off.

Focus RS Grey and White Mustang

Our conclusion

Alternatively, step into the icon of American Muscle that is, Ford Mustang and rock out to the heavy bass rhythm of its mighty V8 as you roar your way down the highway.

When you come to see our experts, why not ask about tuning? Our in-house technical experts will be pleased to tell you all about Mountune, who's warranty-friendly upgrades we are able to perform. Using this service, you can get a race-performance Focus RS Turbo, at an affordable rate.

The Ford Mustang is also available at a lower price with the same 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine as the RS. This makes driving the Mustang both affordable and economical. The choice is yours. Driving a performance car needn't be a pipe dream any longer, with Ford the performance you've read about can be yours to own, and for less than you might think, enquire today for more information.

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