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Driving home for Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year. Every year, millions of motorists hit the motorways (usually on the Friday before Christmas Day) and head to their families' abodes to enjoy all manner of festivities.

Usually you'd be accompanied by some xmas songs on your journey. But how do you decide what to listen to? The radio will no doubt be playing festive tunes, but they might not be the ones you really like. Many people will use Spotify to create their own playlist, but they might forget one of the best songs.

To remove all doubt, we have created the definitive driving home for Christmas playlist, using Spotify data to pinpoint the most popular Christmas songs.

The Definitive Driving Home for Christmas Playlist

Using all of the 545 "Driving Home for Christmas" playlists we could find on Spotify, one of the world's most popular music streaming services, we analysed the 11,149 songs (which includes covers) to uncover which songs appeared the most. The Top 20 most popular form our definitive driving home for Christmas playlist.

The Top 20

No surprises at number one, obviously Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea is at the top, featuring in 98% of the playlists we looked at. Perhaps more surprising is that the seemingly omnipresent (at least at this time of the year) All I Want for Christmas is You has been beaten into the number two spot by Wham! with their classic, Last Christmas, which featured in 348 (64%) playlists compared to Mariah's 347.

From there on it's pretty much as you would expect, until a couple of young-timers make their festive voices heard, with Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me in at number 14, and Mistletoe by Justin Bieber at number 18, featuring in 25% and 21% of playlists respectively.

Notable absentees include Queen, Slade and even Wizzard who don't make the Top 20, featuring in fewer than 20% of driving home for Christmas playlists.

Listen Now

If you're impressed with the driving home for Christmas playlist and want to give it a whirl, you can give it a listen on Spotify.


The Top 100

As we've mentioned there's some super popular xmas bangers that haven't made the list. Megastars such as Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole and Cliff Richard can't even get close to the Top 20 - they're way down in 29th, 32nd and 39th position.

The rest of the list is largely taken up by Michael Buble aka Mr Christmas, with UK favourites East 17, Leona Lewis and Shakin' Stevens in there too. See the full breakdown below.