Ford Focus Recall

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Ford Focus EcoBoost 1.0L Recall

In March 2015, Ford notified owners of Ford Focus 1.0-litre petrol engine vehicles that there was a risk of the coolant hose failing at high temperatures on cars built between October 2011 and October 2013.

To check if your Ford Focus is subject to a recall, click Ford Recalls.

If your vehicle is subject to this recall, Ford will pay 100% of the cost of the repair of engine overheating related concerns in 1.0L EcoBoost engines at a Ford dealer.

If your vehicle is subject to the recall, but you have not yet had the repair work carried out:

It's important that we carry out the necessary work as soon as possible. Please make an online booking at your nearest Evans Halshaw Ford Dealership here.

If your vehicle has already had the necessary repair work carried out, and you paid all or part of the cost:

Ford will re-examine your case. Please contact as soon as possible and Ford's team will assist you.

If your vehicle is subject to this recall and is currently in one of our dealerships:

There is no need to take any action. Our team will carry out the work and you won't be charged for the repair.


  • If my vehicle hasn't been repaired yet, is it safe to drive my car?
    If you see any of the following symptoms – stop driving your vehicle immediately:
    • Steam emitting from the engine
    • Coolant leaking from the engine whilst stationary
    • Temperature warning light lit on the dashboard
  • Will you provide a courtesy car whilst my vehicle is being repaired?
    Unfortunately we’re unable to provide a courtesy car for this recall.
  • I purchased my car used, and it is subject to this recall. Will Ford still cover the cost of the repair?

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