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FordPass App

A smarter way to keep connected with your Ford vehicle

Unlock your Ford's smart side

Welcome to FordPass, the smartphone app designed for a new ultra-connected world. Conveniently uniting several facilities within a single app, FordPass is your car's very own personal assistant.

Effortlessly Connected

These features are designed to keep you connected to your Ford, wherever you are.

FordPass for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Ford have developed technologies in the FordPass app for their range of electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars

On the road and on the move

From real-time data and smooth connectivity through to effortless maintenance, FordPass makes life easier.

Local Hazard Information

FordPass can detect hazards nearby and alert you on your digital display. This alert gives you ample opportunity to find an alternative route before you get stuck in potential traffic.

Live Traffic

Live traffic delivers you updates on the traffic along your route. The system will adjust your recommended route accordingly, which translates to a more relaxing driving experience.

Drive Smarter

Through the 'My Journeys' feature, FordPass will record your trips and then give you advice on how to optimise your driving for better efficiency.

In addition, you can log journeys under personal or business categories for maximum convenience.

Get in and Go

Before you set off for your destination, input it into the app and directions will be in the car waiting for you.

Fuel Report

FordPass allows you to keep an eye on your fuel usage and monthly fuel costs, and will then provide you with a report. After several reports, the app will allow you to compare month to month data through a chart.

Health Alerts

FordPass provides you with Vehicle Health Alerts, which ultimately helps with vehicle maintenance. As examples, it can tell you the below:

  • When to change your engine oil
  • When a lightbulb has failed
  • Whether your engine is overheating
Roadside Assistance

If you have an active Ford Protect Plan with an approved Ford Roadside Assistance provider, then you'll be able to get help through the app and track them as they make their way to you. They'll know where you are, and already have information on your vehicle.

Book a Service

Through the app, you'll be able to easily book a service for your car at your preferred Evans Halshaw Ford dealership. Booking a service should be simple, so Ford made it that way.

Intelligent Insurance

Depending on your insurance provider, you'll be able to share your vehicle data with them, so that you can get a premium that's more tailored to you, which could save you money.

Ford Credit

You can access your Ford Credit account instantly through the app to check any information you desire.

Always here to help

If you have any questions regarding the FordPass app, or you need help setting it up, then please contact one of our Ford dealerships, who'll be more than happy to help.