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FordPass Connect

A smarter way to keep connected with your Ford vehicle

Effortless Connectivity with FordPass

Welcome to FordPass Connect, the smartphone app designed for a new ultra-connected world. Conveniently uniting several facilities within a single app, FordPass Connect is your car's very own personal assistant.

Think of FordPass Connect as your passport to a whole bunch of exclusive perks and benefits designed to make your life easier. FordPass Connect looks after the important things that you sometimes forget or struggle to find in one simple application.

In fact, you can discover the amazing benefits of FordPass Connect below.

FordPass Connect Key Features:

Local Hazard Information
FordPass Connect can detect hazards nearby and alert you on your digital display. This alert gives you ample opportunity to find an alternative route before you get stuck in potential traffic.
Live Traffic Information
Live Traffic delivers you updates on the traffic along your route. The system will adjust your recommended route accordingly, which translates to a more relaxing driving experience.
Added Peace of Mind
In the event of an accident, FordPass Connect can automatically call the emergency services and give them the location of your vehicle. There's also an SOS button in your car that that will contact the emergency services for you.
Connectivity for Everyone
Thanks to the in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect up to ten devices to the internet, meaning you don't have to waste precious smartphone data. FordPass Connect comes with 3 months or 3GB of complementary data. Afterwards, you can buy data bundles from Vodafone.
Fuel Report
FordPass allows you to keep an eye on your fuel usage and monthly fuel costs, and will then provide you with a report. After several reports the app will allow you to compare month to month data through a chart.
Journey Tracking
Through the 'My Journeys' feature, FordPass will record your trips and then give you advice on how to optimise your driving for better efficiency. In addition, you can log journeys under personal or business categories for maximum convenience.
Remote Locking and Unlocking
Through the FordPass smartphone application, you can remotely unlock or lock your vehicle. This is ideal for double-checking you've locked the car when you've left the car park, or if you want to let a family member or friend get access.
Remote Vehicle Monitoring

With the vehicle status feature, you can check the following information:

  • Your car's fuel level
  • Your car's tyre pressures
  • Your car's mileage
Vehicle Health Alerts

FordPass provides you with Vehicle Health Alerts, which ultimately helps with vehicle maintenance. As examples, it can tell you the below:

  • When to change your engine oil
  • When a lightbulb has failed
  • Whether your engine is overheating

FordPass alerts you to any issues and will recommend the best course of action. Alternatively, you can call roadside assistance from the app or book an appointment with your nearest Evans Halshaw Ford retailer.

Parking Assistant
Forgetting where you've parked your car can be a pain, but the map in the FordPass map will show you the exact location of your car.

FordPass Connect app is available on the following models:

FordPass Connect is available on the following vehicles: 

Fiesta (2019MY) – As standard: Zetec B&O Play, Titanium, Titanium X, Titanium B&O Play, ST-Line X, Active X, ST-3, Vignale. Optional: Style, Zetec, ST-Line, Active 1, Active B&O Play, ST-1, ST-2. Not available on Trend. Fiesta (2020.25MY) – All variants as standard. EcoSport (2019MY) – As standard: Titanium, ST-Line. Optional: Zetec. EcoSport (2020.25MY) – All variants as standard. Puma (2020.25MY) – All variants as standard. Focus (2019MY) – As standard: ST-Line X, Titanium, Titanium X, Vignale, ST, Active X. Optional: Style, Zetec, ST-Line, Active. Focus (2020,25MY) – All variants as standard. All-New Kuga (2020.25MY) – All variants as standard. Mondeo (2020.25MY) – All variants as standard. Galaxy (2020MY) – All variants as standard. S-MAX (2020MY) – All variants as standard. Mustang (2020MY) – All variants as standard. Tourneo Connect (19.75MY) – All variants as standard.