Hyundai KONA vs Hyundai TUCSON

06th Dec 2023

By Veronica Chiarelli

Hyundai Kona vs Hyundai Tucson

SUVs are becoming ever more popular in the UK due to their practicality and spacious interior that accommodates all sorts of lifestyles. The boom in popularity has attracted more attention from people who’re looking for a vehicle capable of meeting their daily needs as well as eventual long drives and activities.

Two popular SUVs are Hyundai’s Kona and Tucson. This article will explore both vehicle’s best features and performance, and how the two models compare.


Introduction and Design

Hyundai Kona

Tucson was first launched in 2004 and was positioned as a smaller version of Santa Fe. The main goal was to come up with an alternative SUV to the large sized SUVs already available in the market.

Kona came along 13 years later, and was first introduced to the South Korean market in 2017. Due to a large demand for this type of vehicle, Kona was originally designed to be the smallest SUV in the range.

Both cars feature expressive and imponent exterior design. Tucson’s newest version displays a combination of sharp angles and expressive lines.

The front grille is large and accentuates a muscular design, and it looks as if it’s merged with the headlights. The headlights can be easily spotted when turned on in the dark, which provides a distinctive appearance.

Whereas Tucson provides a modern but conventional look, Kona’s bold and futuristic design is eye-catching due to its luxurious presence and appearance.

The light strip, in the front and back, provides a glowy feel to the vehicle. The grille was pushed down, and is located under the registration plate.

The charger for the hybrid electric trims is located in the front of the car, which is practical and convenient, but some may argue it’s not the most aesthetic appealing feature to be on display right below the fancy lighting strip.

Versions and Performance

Hyundai Tucson

When diving into the trims and performance, both Tucson and Kona, have a well-equipped standard trim, and well catered and improved higher level versions.

Among some of the Kona's advanced features are the front and rear parking sensors, keyless entry smart key and lane follow assist. These will provide an amazing driving experience for an entry level vehicle. The line-up of trims provide a versatile and tailored experience with N Line, N Line S and the more feature rich Ultimate. Most of these models are available in internal combustion engine (ICE), all electric, and hybrid electric. There are a few powertrain options that provide excellent performance. The N Line S include a 1.0-litre engine capable of 118bhp. There’s a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine that can reach 195bhp and 1.6-litre hybrid engine that has a 139bhp.

The Tucson’s entry level model, SE Connect, is pretty complete. It comes well-equipped with several security features, such as high beam assist, forward collision avoidance assist, lane follow assist with lane keep assist and rear parking sensors with camera, to name a few. The SE Connect is followed by Premium, N Line, N Line S and the top of the range Ultimate. Most of the trims are available with fully petrol engines, mild hybrid, full hybrid, and plug-in hybrid. All engines and motors provide great performance. The pure petrol engine is a 1.6-litre capable of 148bhp. There are two options of mild hybrid, both with a 1.6-litre engine, of which one is capable of 148bhp and the other 178bhp. The plug-in hybrids produce 227bhp and 261bhp and are capable of travelling 34 miles on electric power alone.

Interior and Technology

Hyundai Tucson Infotainment System

When stepping into the inside cabin, both vehicles, reveal a spacious, comfortable and premium feeling interior. The Hyundai Tucson shield your body from extreme external temperatures with its three-zone climate control system and five heated and ventilated seats. The fully electric driver’s seat come with a memory function, that is convenient when there are multiple drivers. The 10.25-inch infotainment system come with several amenities that facilitate the onboard experience, and entertain long journeys.

Hyundai has improved Kona’s cabin space. This 5-seater has thinner front seats compared to the previous generation, there’s a lot of room to accommodate your feet in the rear seats, and the middle seat in the back turns into an arm rest with cupholder.

The 12.3-inch dual screen display combined with the floating module provides the futuristic design also perceived in the exterior of the vehicle. The infotainment has a user-friendly system, and for those who aren’t very found of touch screen, there are also physical buttons placed underneath the touch screen.


Hyundai Kona Boot

It’s safe to assume that someone interested in either of these two vehicles are after a spacious interior that provide enough room for a growing family. Tucson as well as Kona feature large boots capable of holding 558 litres and 332 litres respectively.

Both provide foldable rear seats that extend the storage area to 1,737 litres (Tucson) and 1,114 litres (Kona).

Hyundai tried to compensate Kona’s timid rear boot space with a frunk (word used to denominate a front storage space). This frunk holds up to 47 litres worth of items.

Value and Final Thoughts

Hyundai Tucson

In terms of value, both models offer excellent value for money and have competitive prices. They provide a wide range of safety features, as well as technological features that give a premium feel to the exterior and interior of the vehicles.

Both models were designed to be used as family cars, even though Tucson has a larger storage space, Kona’s could be a great alternative for those who live somewhere a slightly smaller car could be an advantage when it comes to parking.

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Hyundai Kona and Tucson are spacious cars designed to be great options for growing families or people who are looking for a spacious cabin that provides comfort and premium feel.

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