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Another chic little car from Renault, the Twingo is perfect for the city and is a doddle to run. Discover more below

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The cute little Twingo has been around since 1992, but it didn't come to the UK until its second-generation in 2007. This third-generation, or Twingo III came along in 2014 and was available until 2019.

No longer made, the Twingo III adopted a new approach to the city car recipe. It was still wonderfully compact, making it ideal for city life, along with featuring an interesting rear-engined layout.

Petrolheads shouldn't get their hopes up on the engine placement though, as it has been done to aid cabin space and safety, rather than give the Twingo sports car ability. However, it does benefit the Twingo's manoeuvrability.

On the face of it, the Twingo offers:

  • Charming, cute looks
  • Surprising space and practicality
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Great value when buying used

Discover the used car benefits of the Twingo below.

Engines and Driving Experience

Renault Twingo

Thanks to the engine being placed below the boot floor, more space is utilised upfront for the wheels, resulting in easier to manoeuvre characteristics. The Twingo is therefore a joy to thread around tight city streets and notoriously tricky multistorey car parks.

Two engines are available, with three different levels of power. Entry-level Expression models, along with Play models get a 1.0-litre petrol engine with 69bhp. Despite the low power, this engine is fine around town and quite nippy off the line, but it will run out of momentum once you get up the power band.

Higher-spec models, such as the Dynamique S feature a smaller 0.9-litre engine, but it has a turbo for more power, 20bhp than that of the 1.0-litre, giving 89bhp and dropping the 0-62mph time from a leisurely 14.5 to more spritely 10.8 seconds.

Both engines should return over 50mpg, or over 60mpg in some instances.

Practicality and Running Costs

Twingo Boot

By placing the engine in the rear has meant the Twingo has benefited from enhanced cabin space, as the engine is tucked away. Interestingly, the car is 10cm shorter than the previous Twingo, yet it actually features over 12 inches of extra cabin length as a result of the engine movement.

There's 5-doors as standard too, but it's not all top marks for the Twingo, as the 188-litre boot does fall short of its rivals. It can't match the VW Up's251-litre boot.

With decent economy, circa 50mpg as previously mentioned, the small engines will mean insurance is low, ranging between groups two and 11. Road tax depends on engine and age, but typically it will be either £20 or £30 for the year, although some cars can cost up to £150. Always best to check before hand, as it's quite a jump for such a small city car.

Servicing is inexpensive and can be taken care of at any Evans Halshaw Renault dealer.

Interior, Technology, and Safety

Twingo Interior

Being a typical French car, the Twingo has flair and style, with many interiors sporting colour and funky details. You can customise trim easily and so getting the perfect Twingo to suit your style is quite a nice touch.

The instrument cluster is both analogue and digital, albeit retro digital; there's no colour and fancy graphics like many current cars, just a simplistic speedo reading with fuel etc.

All Twingo models get a dashboard mounting cradle, so you can connect your smartphone to the car. You then download an app to turn your phone into an infotainment and sat-nav feature. Pretty cool, and fits well with the funky vibe that the car gives.

As for safety, as standard you get four airbags and stability control. Range-topping models get cruise control and lane departure warning. This ensured a four-star safety rating with Euro NCAP. Not perfect, but certainly not a bad effort for such a small car.

Is the Renault Twingo right for me?

If you are in the market for a quirky city car, that offers the chance for customisation and is a doddle to drive around busy congested cities, the Renault Twingo is well worth a look.

Of course, there are city cars like the aforementioned VW Up which have a larger boot, along with another Renault, in the form of the mature Clio, which features better practicality and won't cost that much more - although it won't be as nimble as the Twingo around town.

But for something different, or those looking to get a quirky first car, the Renault Twingo is certainly worth a look.

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