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Intriguing, quirky looks could have you thinking that the Renault Wind is pretty modern. In fact, Renault sold the car between 2010 and 2012, meaning it's actually been around for some time now.

It still looks fresh today though, thanks to its roadster bodystyle and charming French style. But what else makes the Renault Wind a contender for your next used car? Highlights include:

  • Sporty looks
  • A clever folding roof
  • Being fun to drive

Discover in more detail the quirks and features of the car below, along with some interesting facts that make this particular roadster a bargain used car choice.

Engines and Driving Experience

Renault Wind Side

Interestingly, it wasn't Renault who created the Wind, but the boffins at Renaultsport instead. These are the same people responsible for producing performance icons such as the Megane R.S. and Renaultsport Clio, to name but a few. The Wind doesn't receive the iconic Renaultsport badge, as it's not actually a Renaultsport product, despite being made by them. Kind of cool, and certain to get you kudos in the pub, probably...

But rest assured, being made by such a highly-respected outfit (albeit subtlety) means you can be confident the Wind handles rather well, with characteristics being similar to the Renaultsport Clio models of old. In layman's terms, that's high praise indeed. Its compact proportions and roadster bodystyle further complement its fun-to-drive character too, along with its chuckable compact proportions.

Engine choice is simplistic, with a 98bhp, 1.2-litre petrol or punchier 131bhp, 1.6-litre petrol - which is lifted directly from the Renaultsport Twingo. The latter is the most potent, with the 0-62mph spring taking 8.9 seconds, whilst it's just over 10 seconds in the 1.2-litre. Renault claim over 40mpg is possible from both engines too.

Practicality and Running Costs

Renault Wind Rear

Due to its compact size and roadster shape, the Renault Wind isn't exactly the most practical car out there, but it's not as bad as you'd think.

For starters, you get a 270-litre boot, which is plenty of room for a decent-sized suitcase and large holdall bag, meaning it actually offers more space in the boot than a modern MINI 3-door hatchback.

Being a roadster, you only get two doors, and two seats, but the clever folding roof not only looks good, but it conveniently doesn't rob space from the boot either.

With economy in the real world returning between 30-40mpg, and the Wind being based on the Twingo, servicing and maintenance won't break the bank. It can actually be carried out at any Evans Halshaw Renault too.

Road tax is reasonable, whilst insurance shouldn't be expensive either thanks to being between groups 14 and 19.

Interior, Technology and Safety

Renault Wind Interior

Due to the car's 2010 launch, the interior ambiance is similar to many Renaults of this era, being rather simple. There is no digital screen here, instead familiar orange analogue dials are textbook for this period of Renault, with the Wind getting aluminum-looking trim around the instrument binnacle, stereo and and peddles for added flair.

Special Gordini models get the famous blue and white colours, dotted within the cabin for a more exclusive look. And of course the blue paint and white strips on the exterior too - in true Renault Gordini style. As for tech, you get air-con, cruise control a trip computer and even a CD player - well it was 2010!

As for safety, the Wind gets anti-lock brakes, electronic stability and multiple airbags.

Is the Renault Wind right for me?

Unique and relatively rare, after only being on sale between 2010 and 2012, the Renault Wind isn't exactly common on UK roads.

Prices are very appealing too, being under £5,000 for a low mileage, well-cared for example which is a bit of an underrated bargain.

Being a roadster, it simply cannot match the icon that is the Mazda MX-5, although a 2010-2012 MX-5 will cost more. But you do get what you pay for in this instance, as the MX-5 is arguably the best roadster ever created; it's to be expected.

A MINI Roadster could also be considered, but again, it's pricey and better to drive. That said, the Wind does have value on its side and being made by Renaultsport will ensure fun is certain behind the wheel.

It may not be as iconic as the Mazda, or as stylish as the MINI, but when you can pick up one for considerably less, are you actually bothered?

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