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Discover the Ford B-MAX, a quirky compact MPV with useful sliding doors and typical Ford familiarity 

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The Ford B-MAX was a compact MPV produced by Ford between 2012 and 2017. It offered new functionality to the MPV platform thanks to its revolutionary rear-sliding doors. Looks-wise, the B-MAX is like a raised Fiesta in some aspects, which is no bad thing as the Fiesta is a great looking little car.

The B-MAX looks to offer a more upright driving position, and is great for those looking for easy access to the rear seats. Other positives include:

  • Good looks for an MPV
  • Useful sliding doors
  • Good engine selection
  • Tall MPV roofline

Engines and Driving Experience

white ford b-max sliding doors

There are plenty of different engine choices available with the Ford B-MAX, ranging from 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol variants, to larger 1.6-litre diesel and petrol alternatives too.

The 1.5-litre TDCi is the most economical with over 70mpg possible, although it is not as peppy as its 1.0-litre EcoBoost sibling, which is slightly quicker and can still muster almost 60mpg.

As expected, the B-MAX isn't going to be suited to B-road blasts, due to the car's taller body, but it will sit on a motorway quite happily, pulling decent economy, along with being fine around town too.

Practicality and Running Costs

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A tall body and sliding rear doors mean there is plenty of space in the B-MAX. Five seats are standard, and are joined by a boot capacity of 318 litres.

The sliding doors are the car's stand-out feature and mean accessing the rear section is easier and less stressful - especially good for families as you aren't going to worry about the doors swinging open and potentially causing a headache of some sort.

Tyre prices and maintenance are reasonable, as expected with a small family car. As discussed already, the B-MAX is excellent on fuel too.

Interior, Technology, and Safety

ford b-max dashboard and infotainment system

This era of Ford is pretty good for the basics in interior design, but you can tell it is starting to get old, when compared to Ford's latest models.

Central screens are small, and there are also many buttons on the dash, but it does become common place fairly quickly. Technology included features Active City Stop, which reduces the risk of accidents in slow moving traffic, along with voice commands to allow for easier connectivity - ideal in a family car.

Safety of the B-MAX receives top marks, being awarded five-stars in the EURO NCAP safety tests.

Is the Ford B-Max right for me?

If you are after a compact MPV, and want a bit of extra practicality for your small family, the B-MAX is a nice and safe choice.

Due to the vehicle's high body, with the seats folded, it could make for a decent little space for loading bulk items when not being used for family duties.

A Skoda Yeti is a more handsome vehicle, and has a better made interior, but you will pay a premium. A Vauxhall Meriva is a direct competitor with similar rear doors, that open outwards. Both have better traits, it is just a case of personal preference.

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