Electric Car Servicing Explained

21st Feb 2023

By Kenny Longdon

Servicing an electric car

Electric cars have become far more popular in recent times, especially with the evolution of technology and the increased ranges they offer.

Due to electric cars not having an internal combustion engine, it's often wondered what an electric car's service entails, or if they actually need servicing at all.

Despite the seemingly attractive running costs, and the fact an electric car doesn't have anywhere near the amount of parts a conventional petrol or diesel engined car does, it's largely assumed servicing is easier and less expensive.

However, in short, electric car servicing is pretty similar to regular car servicing. This is because, although there in no engine, there are still things to check and change at the specific manufacturer-specified servicing intervals.

Discover highlights in the process in more detail below.

What's included in an electric car service?


Unlike a conventional internal combustion engined car, there's fewer mechanical parts to service on an electric car, but some processes do remain similar.

One of these processes is replacing the car's cabin filter (also known as a microfilter). This prevents pollen, dust and other particles entering the interior of your electric car through the vents.

This will be accompanied by a general check of the car using a diagnostic machine, along with checking the battery and electrical cables that ensure the car can operate properly, and to inspect for any possible damage.

Electric cars also have a cooling system, so this will also be checked and topped up with fluid if required.

Brakes will also be checked, along with brake fluid having to be changed usually every 2 years like that of a ICE car. Suspension, steering and tyres will also be checked.

So, what's not included?


Because there's no engine, there are a few things you don't need to worry about when it comes to servicing and electric car.

For example, an electric car won't need an oil change, as there is no engine, along with not needing oil or fuel filters either.

Other things not needed on electric car service include belts or timing chains which may need maintenance at certain intervals on ICE cars.

Whilst petrol cars usually have spark plugs changed every second service, and some diesel cars will require new glow plugs at certain intervals too, neither of these are needed on electric cars as they don't need these parts in order to work.

Electric cars don't need an AdBlue refill either, which are needed on some diesel cars at certain service intervals.

Will servicing costs be lower then?

Citro├źn C5 Aircross

With electric cars becoming more affordable, and them having less moving parts to power them, the common belief is that when it comes to servicing, electric cars will be easier on the bank balance.

Whilst generally speaking, electric cars can cost less money to service, it will all depend on each specific electric car.

Some are sold new with service plans, making them more cost-effective. Others will be dependent on manufacturer - the more premium the brand, the more costly the service, just like that of a ICE car.

Luckily, here at Evans Halshaw we have official service centres for a range of manufacturers who offer an array of electric cars.

Therefore, if you have an electric Citroën, DS, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault or Vauxhall, we have official retailers who can service your electric car at a competitive price.

What happens if I don't service my electric car?


Maintenance is vital with any car. A car that's been looked after will always be worth far more than one that's been neglected when it comes to servicing. And if it's been neglected maintenance, it usually goes hand in hand with the overall condition of the car, which will also be poor.

Whilst electric cars may not feature as many moving parts as an ICE car, keeping on top of servicing and maintenance can give peace of mind in a number of ways.

This is because, as with anything, keeping on top of maintenance is well worthwhile. If you were to neglect an electric car's servicing requirements, it could not only affect the car's safety but also the car's value, so it's well worth saying on top of as it could also prevent a sudden breakdown.

What about hybrids?

Hyundai Tucson PHEV

Hybrids seemingly combine the best of both worlds when it comes to ICE and electric cars.

Perhaps you like the idea of lower running costs, but also like the idea of the convenience in being able to go to a fuel station and fill up with fuel in a timely fashion, rather than spending considerably longer to recharge an electric car.

The good news is, a hybrid car will typically cost about the same as a conventional ICE car, due to having an engine, whilst the electric motor is small in comparison to a fully-electric car so will not require much maintenance come service time.

Again, this all depends on the manufacturer and the type of car. Premium brands offering premium, performance and luxury cars will carry with them a higher cost, whereas more entry-level vehicles will be more affordable.

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