Nissan e-POWER Explained

Many drivers are choosing to make the switch to electric vehicles, and while there are plenty of advantages of going electric, opting for a hybrid car can offer the benefits of both fully-electric and ICE (internal combustion engine) cars.

Nissan is making significant strides with their innovative approach to hybrid vehicles with the introduction of e-POWER technology. This hybrid innovation offers the smooth and enjoyable driving experience of an EV without the hassle of plugging in to charge.

We'll break down how Nissan e-POWER works, the personal and environmental benefits, and which cars are available with e-POWER technology.


How does Nissan e-POWER work?

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Nissan e-POWER's primary component is an electric motor. This motor is responsible for driving the vehicle's wheels and propelling it forward. However, unlike traditional electric vehicles (EVs) that rely solely on batteries for power, e-POWER introduces a small petrol engine into the mix.

The petrol engine in e-POWER doesn't directly drive the wheels. Instead, it serves as a generator. Its sole purpose is to generate electricity to recharge the car's battery pack while driving. This means that e-POWER vehicles are essentially electric cars with an onboard generator, much like the concept of a self-charging hybrid.

The advantage of this setup is that it eliminates the range anxiety often associated with fully electric vehicles. Since e-POWER cars can generate electricity as you drive, there's no need to stop and charge them. You simply fill up with petrol, and the vehicle takes care of the rest, seamlessly switching between electric and petrol power as needed.

Is Nissan e-POWER a hybrid system?

Nissan e-POWER

Nissan e-POWER is a hybrid system, but it's not your typical hybrid. Unlike traditional hybrids that rely on both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine (ICE) to power the wheels, e-POWER takes a unique approach.

In a conventional hybrid, the petrol engine and the electric motor work together to drive the vehicle. However, in Nissan e-POWER, the petrol engine doesn't directly power the wheels. Instead, it functions solely as a generator, producing electricity to charge the car's battery pack while you're driving.

So, while Nissan e-POWER is classified as a hybrid system, it operates more like an electric vehicle with a self-charging feature. This addresses some range limitations often associated with fully electric cars and provides drivers with the convenience of not having to stop and charge regularly, making it an appealing option for those looking to ease into electrified driving.

What are the benefits of Nissan e-POWER?

Nissan Qashqai Rear

Nissan e-POWER offers a range of compelling benefits that make it an attractive choice for drivers looking to strike a balance between traditional petrol vehicles and fully electric cars, including:

  • Reduced Emissions: One of the most significant benefits of e-POWER is its contribution to reducing emissions. By primarily relying on electricity for propulsion, it produces lower emissions compared to conventional ICE powered vehicles.
  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: The self-charging nature of e-POWER provides excellent fuel efficiency.
  • Eliminates Range Anxiety: Unlike fully-electric vehicles that may have limited driving ranges and require frequent charging stops, e-POWER eliminates range anxiety.
  • Smooth and Quiet Ride: Electric motors are known for their silent and smooth operation. With e-POWER, you'll experience a quiet and bump-free ride when driving in electric mode, enhancing overall comfort and reducing noise pollution.

What's it like to drive a car with Nissan e-POWER?

Nissan Qashqai Driving

Driving a Nissan e-POWER vehicle offers a unique experience that's both efficient and convenient. Drivers will appreciate the silent, smooth electric drive with instant responsiveness, providing fast acceleration and excellent manoeuvrability.

The e-POWER system switches between electric and petrol power, extending your range without the need for frequent charging stops whilst regenerative braking enhances efficiency, and the intuitive controls allow you to tailor your driving experience to your needs.

Drivers will appreciate peace of mind while driving, thanks to the system making a positive environmental impact by reducing emissions and contributing to a greener future. Overall, e-POWER provides a driving experience that brings together the best of electric and hybrid technologies for a comfortable, efficient, and eco-friendly ride.

Which cars are available with Nissan e-POWER?

The concept of e-POWER is fairly recent, and Nissan has applied it to a couple of their most popular models, including: 

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