Approved Used Car Scheme: Advantages and Disadvantages

28th Mar 2024

By Veronica Chiarelli

A guide to manufacturer approved used cars

If you’re in the market for a second-hand car, it’s likely that you’ve come across the term ‘approved used car’ when searching for the best deals available. Different to regular used cars, approved used vehicles have been recertified by the original manufacturers, and they offer several advantages that making them an appeal prospect.

This article will explore the main advantages of approved used cars and how they can be of benefit for those looking to purchase a newer vehicle but don’t want to pay full price on a brand-new car.


What’s an approved used car?

Blue Ford Fiesta

Approved used vehicles are pre-owned cars that have been through a rigorous inspection process and recertified by the original manufacturer. There are strict rules regarding which cars can be recertified, the manufacturer-trained technicians do a thorough standard check on the vehicle’s mechanicals and paint work to make sure they're in pristine condition.

To exemplify how careful the tests are, there are over 100 points of inspection and the vehicle must meet a high standard in all of them in order to receive the ‘approved used car’ seal of approval.

Most manufacturers offer an ‘approved used car’ scheme, although the name of the scheme may vary according to each brand. Here, at Evans Halshaw, we offer ‘approved used car’ scheme for Ford, Kia and Renault.

Benefits of approved used cars

Blue Ford Focus

Purchasing an approved used vehicle can be beneficial if you’re looking for a car that feels almost brand new and provides assurance that it's a great example. If you still need an incentive to go ahead and check out the cars available, check out the benefits list you’ll get with an approved used car:


One of the down-sides of buying a used car is that most of them don’t come with a manufacturer warranty. Depending on how old the car is, the warranty has already expired and if you wish to have some sort of warranty, you have to purchase extra servicing packages or rely on the standard warranty offered by retailers.

That’s not the case with approved used cars. Considering the extensive criteria the manufacturer puts in place in order to select a vehicle, and the thorough standard checks it has to go through, the car is granted with warranty of at least 12 months usually. If the car you’re purchasing is new enough to still have the original manufacturer warranty valid, this warranty will be transferred to you, as well.

Vehicle History

One of the most important things to check when purchasing a used vehicle is its history. These documents will let you know if the vehicle has been written off, has been reported as stolen, and if it still has outstanding finance.

Before picking a car to be sold as approved used, the manufacturer verifies everything relevant to the vehicle to make sure the customer will be purchasing a car with a ‘clean slate’. Not having to chase for these documents, and try and figure out if the documentation is in order, is a huge time saver.

Newer Vehicles

Another benefit of purchasing from an approved used car scheme is that only newer models are available. It’s difficult to assess and repair a much older vehicle and get it up to a set standard, for that reason, only a few newer models equipped with recent technology are chosen to be part of the scheme.

If you’re looking for a modern car, with the latest infotainment system and other bits and bobs that you wouldn’t be able to find in an older vehicle, this scheme will be of benefit to you.

Other Benefits

There’s an extensive list of benefits to purchasing an approved used vehicle. Besides the items explored in detail above, some of the other advantages are:

  • The money back guarantee scheme is in place to make sure you can return the car if you’re not happy with it.
  • There are several finance solutions available to help you within the purchase process
  • Most approved used car schemes offer breakdown assistance free of charge
  • Approved used cars have a lower mileage than the regular used car

Cons of approved used cars

Silver Kia Sportage

The main disadvantage of approved used cars is that they tend to be more expensive than the regular used car. Even though they come with warranties, money-back guarantee and breakdown assistance scheme and all sort of other perks, they are still used vehicles.

They go through an extensive and thorough standard check and only the best cars are cherry-picked to be part of this scheme, but there’s nothing the manufacturer can do to make it seem and feel like an 100 percent brand-new vehicle and consequently there will be signs that the car had a previous owner.

Looking for an approved used vehicle?

There are several advantages to buying an approved used car. The warranties, finance options and the fact that the cars have been inspected by the manufacturer provide an extra peace of mind and take a little bit of pressure off your shoulders.

At Evans Halshaw, we carry a wide range of approved used vehicles that have been selected with care. If you need more advice, visit the ‘buying guides’ section of our blog for more information and the latest articles with the best tips.