Learn more about new car and van warranties

What is a vehicle warranty?

Every brand new car and van we sell comes with a manufacturer warranty of at least three years, although some manufacturers offer longer warranties. This covers you against the parts and labour costs associated with repairing any faults caused by a manufacturing defect.

When you buy a used car that is still covered under manufacturer warranty, it is transferred to the new owner, providing the vehicle has been serviced according to the correct schedule using appropriate parts as specified by the manufacturer.

What happens when it expires?

When a manufacturer warranty expires, we are able offer cover with our mechanical and electrical guarantee, or you can source an independent warranty from a third-party company.

What happens if my car has a fault?

Should you experience a fault with your car, and it's still under the term of the manufacturer warranty, simply contact your nearest official franchised dealership. They will book your vehicle into their workshop, find the fault, and after confirming with the manufacturer that it is covered under warranty, repair the car at no cost to you - it's all paid for by the manufacturer. 

What items aren't included?

In general, service items and parts that are considered consumable such as engine oil, filters and clutches aren't covered under manufacturer warranties. You'll need to check your individual manufacturer warranty terms and conditions for the exact list of items that aren't covered after certain periods of time.