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What is an approved used car?

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An approved used car is a pre-owned vehicle that has been recertified by the original manufacturer for sale. They are only available from official franchised dealers, such as Evans Halshaw Ford.

Very strict age, mileage, history and condition criteria have to be met before a car can be considered eligible for a manufacturer approved used car scheme; car brands have a vested interest in ensuring only the best quality vehicles can be sold under their respective programmes. These criteria vary from brand to brand.

Approved used cars will have been checked over by a manufacturer-trained technician, with any issues rectified prior to going on sale. This is usually backed up by a comprehensive warranty and breakdown cover package that's included in the price of the car.

Benefits of buying an approved used car

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There are a number of reasons why buying an approved used car may be preferable to you:

  • Generally backed by a minimum of 12 months comprehensive warranty cover
  • Have to meet very high mechanical and bodywork standards
  • Inspected by manufacturer-trained technicians, with all remedial work completed prior to sale
  • History checked to ensure the vehicle hasn't been stolen, written off or has outstanding finance
  • Only models up to a certain age are eligible for approved used schemes, meaning you get a modern vehicle with the latest technology
  • Money back guarantees are usually provided, so if you're not totally happy, you can return the car
  • Attractive finance options
  • Free breakdown assistance tends to be a part of the deal

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Can I buy an approved used car from Evans Halshaw?
What warranty will I get with an approved used car?

It varies depending on the manufacturer, but a minimum 12 months warranty is to be expected.

How old can approved used cars be?

Generally speaking, approved used cars are less than five years old. However, some schemes will accept cars older than that if they are in exceptional condition.

Are there any downsides to buying an approved used car?

The only aspect of an approved used car versus a non-approved used car that could be considered negative is the cost. Approved used cars tend to be slightly more expensive than non-approved equivalents, but when taking all the benefits into account, can often represent better value overall.

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As one of the UK's largest used car retailers, we have a huge range of approved used cars to choose from. This selection includes models from well regarded brands such as Ford, Hyundai and Renault.

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