Top 5 Benefits of Having An SUV

29th Mar 2019

The increasingly popular SUV is becoming more car-like and idealistic for a wide variety of drivers. Nowadays, you don't need to live in the countryside or delve into mounts of off-roading to benefit from an SUV. These extremely practical, robust vehicles are more stylish and fuel efficient than ever before.

Here are top five reasons why Evans Halshaw highly rate this style of car.


Being practical goes without saying really, considering the body of an SUV which is typically medium to large in size.

The expansive boot and roomy interior makes the SUV model especially ideal for families. A family of five can enjoy more than enough leg room, as well as ample space for extra luggage. An SUV's ability to carry more weight than the usual hatchback or estate is also a bonus, particularly if you're adventurous/active and need to transport certain lifestyle equipment.

The generous height given by most SUV models is beneficial for taller/larger adults too, providing an increased level of comfort for all drivers and passengers.

SUV boot space


From the very first stages of manufacture, SUVs are at an advantage safety-wise because of their sturdy frames. Typically, these cars are assembled on a much stronger truck chassis, resulting in a higher level of protection if the car was involved in an accident. The larger, heavier vehicle will take the force of collision much less than the impact of a smaller car and its passengers.

SUVs typically have a higher driving position, providing an improved visibility of the road ahead of you. Being able to see ahead of the smaller car in front of you, gives you the advantage of knowing if or when to slow down.

The SUV's safety conscious reputation provides the perfect family car without a doubt.

Child in seat

Fuel Efficiency

In recent years, the SUV/Crossover segment is booming, commonly due to manufacturers realisation that not everybody wants an SUV for typical off-roading and towing purposes. These days the concept has been flipped on its side, because Crossover vehicles are now available offering all the practical advantages of an SUV without excessive and costly fuel consumption.

Particularly on the emerging crossover SUVs manufactured in the past few years, great fuel consumption has been achieved by understanding how the vehicles are commonly used. The usual prevailing all-terrain capability, that's not frequently used has been almost dismissed by the Crossover, enabling an affordable, environmentally-friendly, fuel efficient SUV, providing the perfect family car.

Vauxhall dials


SUVs are built according to their size. The foundations of an SUV are built on much sturdier and stronger frames, enabling a more durable and powerful capability.

If you do enjoy regular trips into the country or abroad, your SUV is the perfect companion. The strong, sturdy build ensures you'll be covered whatever the weather and the 4x4 (sometimes optional) feature can power through all terrains. Whether it be uphill into the mountains or through mounds of fords, your SUV has got your back.

Their robust nature means that your car is able to endure bigger impacts too, again increasing the level of safety to you and your family the instance of a collision.

White Vauxhall SUV

Towing Capabilities

The SUV is an increasingly popular choice over trucks or cars for towing the likes of caravans, boats or trailers. There's no wonder really because the extremely capable, strong SUV has more than one use, offering plenty of spacious seating for the whole family.

Much of the SUVs on offer do have larger, more powerful engines, therefore making it easier for towing weighty assets compared to cars which may struggle. However, do double check the towing weight on the more recent Crossover style SUVs, due to the usual smaller builds and engines.

All in all, if you want a vehicle that's completely family-friendly yet incredibly capable, you can't go wrong with an SUV.

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