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Nissan NV400

The Nissan NV400 was available new from 2011 to 2022, before being revised and renamed the Interstar in Nissan's van line-up.

It's one of the largest vans offered by Nissan, and following on the trend of being almost identical to vans from other manufacturers, the NV400 is almost the same as the Renault Master and Vauxhall Movano.

It's the kind of van ideal for those looking to carry lots of stuff. Other highlights are listed below.

  • Multiple variants
  • Strong engine
  • Lots of payload
  • Practical cabin
  • Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive available

Economy, Towing, and Performance

Nissan NV400 Range

The Nissan NV400 uses a 2.3-litre turbodiesel engine, which has seen various power levels and tweaks over the years.

You'll see anywhere between 37mpg and 48mpg for an NV400 - depending on spec, although we'd assume taking these figures with a pinch of salt as in the real world you'll probably see anywhere up to 10mpg less as an estimate, but even then it's still not bad for a van of this size.

Overall performance is good, with rear-wheel drive models better suited for heavier loads. If you're looking to tow with a Nissan NV400, all vans are capped at a 750kg unbraked weight, whilst RWD versions can tow up to 3,000kg braked, with FWD versions able to tow up to 2,500kg braked.

Bodystyles, Payload, and Capacity

Nissan NV400 Load Space

As for bodystyles, the Nissan NV400 can be found in a various formats which include the standard panel van (with SRW 'Single Rear Wheel' or TRW 'Twin Rear Wheel') with various body lengths and heights. There's also a crew van, tipper, dropside, chassis cab and platform cab. Therefore, payloads will differ slightly based on the bodystyle chosen, but for a regular panel van you're looking between 911kg and 1566kg.

Capacity will also depend on the version you're looking at.

Capacity for FWD panel van variants:

Maximum load length = Between 2,582mm and 3,733mm

Maximum load height = Between 1,700mm and 2,144mm

Maximum load width = 1,765mm across all versions

Capacity for RWD panel van variants:

Maximum load length = Between 3,733mm and 4,383mm

Maximum load height = Between 1,798mm and 2,048mm

Maximum load width = 1,798mm across all versions

Interior, Technology, and Safety

Nissan NV400 Interior

As the Nissan NV400 has been on sale for a while, the interior is a little dull when compared to more modern vans, but the big Nissan still offers an overall ergonomic space.

The interior vibe is sturdy with a rugged feel to it all. There's no fancy screens or anything, but as a workhorse, it's not bad at all, with plenty of storage and cubby areas.

Later models will be better still, with updated tweaks including things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Safety tech is unimpressive by modern standards, but later models are worth hunting out if you require things like blind spot monitoring, crosswind assistance and electronic stability control.

Is the Nissan N400 right for me?

If you're after a solid van that offers lots of space then the Nissan NV400 is still worth seeking out.

Sure, it won't be as nice to drive or offer more up-to-date safety kit like a Ford Transit, neither will it be as plush as a Volkswagen Crafter or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, but it will be a lot cheaper to purchase than all three.

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