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The Vauxhall Adam is a fantastic little city car, and since order books opened Vauxhall have sold over 100,000 in Europe alone.

It's been a big hit for many reasons - 15 of which are detailed in this article. Used Vauxhall Adam's make a great value and fashionable purchase too.

Red Vauxhall Adam

1. Highly rated by owners

It's rated 9.1/10 on ReeVoo an independent review site that acquires ratings directly from owners. Reviewers rated the Adam particularly high on features and specification, build quality, comfort and being fun to drive.

2. You can make it your own

With over 1 million possible colour, trim and specification combinations, there is endless scope to customise your Adam exactly how you want it. With 20 different alloy wheel designs, 27 different colour combinations and a massive range of vinyl stickers and accessories, you can personalise it until your heart's content.

3. The colour names are awesome

With names like 'White my Fire', 'Dancing Green' and 'Pink Kong', you'll never get bored of looking through the brochure. Other highlights include 'I'll be Black', 'James Blonde', 'Purple Fiction' and 'Mr Darkside' (one for fans of The Killers). Our favourite one however is 'Goldbusters' and not just because of the name - it looks great too.


4. Because the Adam ROCKS!

The recently launched Adam ROCKS AIR is a totally unique proposition in the UK car market. Said to be inspired by parkour athletes, the Adam ROCKS AIR is a kind of mini-crossover with SUV styling and city car packaging. It's also fitted with an electric rollback canvas roof, which fully retracts the length of the car in just 7 seconds.

5. Economical and punchy engines

Up until 2015 there have only been two engines choices in the Adam - 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre petrols, both of which achieve over 50mpg on the combined cycle but generate no more than 100PS of power. However, Vauxhall's engineers have been working hard on a brand new 1-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged unit that will be available on 2015 Adams. This new engine produces a useful 115PS of power, while retaining excellent fuel economy of 57mpg on the combined cycle.

6. Three great trim levels

Adam Jam, Adam Glam and Adam Slam - they are your three choices. Cool huh?

Vauxhall Adam IntelliLink

7. It comes with touchscreen multimedia

The Adam can be specified with Vauxhall's clever IntelliLink multimedia system, which incorporates a multitude of functions to make driving easier, safer and more comfortable. It features smartphone connectivity for both Android and iOS devices and combines Bluetooth telephone functionality with audio streaming. It can play videos and display photos too - but only while the vehicle is stationary of course. The BringGo app allows you to project maps from your smartphone directly onto the IntelliLink's bright 7" touchscreen, for hassle-free navigation.

8. It can talk

Through the ghost of Siri on iOS6 devices, such as iPods, iPads and iPhones, you can talk to your Adam - and it talks back! On cars fitted with IntelliLink, you can ask the Adam to make a call, play a music track, read a message out loud, send an email, set an alarm or even let you know the weather in any destination you specify. Great stuff.

9. Funky headliners

The headlining is usually a forgotten element in car design, with most cars offering a simple grey or black fabric affair that is chronically boring. Not so with the Adam, which gives you the option of an illuminated headliner with 64 integrated LEDs that generates the effect of stars twinkling in the night sky. Alternatively you can have autumn leaves falling, a chess board effect or go for the spectacular panoramic glass sunroof.

Blue Vauxhall Adam Profile

10. Its compactness

At just under 3.7m long and 1.72m wide, it's easy to park the Adam in tight spaces and allows you to navigate your way through busy city streets with ease. The short 2311mm wheelbase is one of the factors that make the Adam such fun to drive.

11. It has mood lighting

Ambient interior lighting in the Adam features lights inside the doors, below the heating and ventilation unit and in the passenger footwell. It also allows you to choose between 8 different colours, meaning you can always find the right shade of light for your mood. It's controlled by a button in the roof panel.

12. It can park itself

You can also have your Adam with Advanced Park Assist II, which is firstly able to identify parallel and bay parking spaces large enough for your car, and secondly it's able to actually steer itself into the space without any steering input from the driver. All you have to do is control the acceleration, brakes and gears. It makes it so easy - and you get a perfect park every time, meaning your Adam stays free of any bumps and scrapes, and the alloys avoid being kerbed.

Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam

13. It keeps you as cool as you look

Obviously you look cool driving your Adam, and it's important to stay cool, too. The electronic climate control function (ECC) is standard on Glam and Slam versions, and allows you to keep a consistent temperature of your choosing all around the cabin.

14. It saves you fuel

The Start/Stop function automatically turns your Adam's engine off in stand-still traffic, saving on fuel and reducing emissions. As soon as you step on the clutch to engage first gear and move forward, the engine is instantaneously fired up. If you're not a fan of the system, or simply don't require it, you can deactivate it using a button on the instrument panel.

15. It's a Grand Slam

Due for release early this year, the Adam Grand Slam is nothing to do with tennis. Instead it's fitted with a 150PS 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine, making it the fastest ever Adam. It also packs a not-insignificant 220Nm of torque for superior overtaking shove. It has the looks to match the performance too, with a front lip spoiler, side sill mouldings and an extended rear bumper cut-out give the Adam further sporting appeal. It's available in 10 different exterior colours, and also features a specially tuned chassis and VXR brakes that should make for a truly exciting drive. Inside you can choose from four different types of seats, including Recaro performance seats in Morrocana or Nappa leather.

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