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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial is essentially a Mitsubishi Outlander SUV with the rear seats removed and replaced by a dedicated load area.

This particular generation came along in 2013, being discontinued in 2021 due to Mitsubishi pulling out of the UK. It was enhanced several times throughout its time on sale.

It's by no means the only SUV repurposed as a commercial vehicle. The Land Rover Discovery Commercial and Land Rover Defender Hard Top are premium alternatives that are very SUV-like, whilst the Dacia Duster Commercial is a more affordable take on the concept.

Highlights of the Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial are listed below.

  • Popular PHEV version
  • Comfortable
  • Quiet, unlike many commercial vehicles
  • Drives like a car
  • Looks like an SUV


Economy, Towing, and Performance

Used Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial models will tend to come with the 2.0-litre petrol PHEV or later 2.4-litre petrol PHEV engines, both of which provide excellent economy of between 140mpg and 159mpg.

Alternatively, older 2.2-litre diesel engines will return around the 40mpg mark.

As for overall performance, instead of driving like that of a regular commercial vehicle - a bit agricultural perhaps, the Outlander Commercial drives very similar to a car, which is a huge plus. It's also rather refined, quiet and comfortable.

And if you're thinking about a used Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial to tow with, you'll be able to do so with 750kg unbraked (the limit) and 2,000kg braked for the diesel, whilst the PHEV is rated at 1,000kg braked.


Mitsubishi Outlander Rear

Bodystyles, Payload, and Capacity

The Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial comes in the sole SUV-like body. This is great if you want a commercial vehicle that doesn't look like your average boxy van, and instead looks like an SUV, with its rear windows tinted out instead.

A 710kg payload is on offer in the diesel version of the Outlander Commercial, whilst the PHEV version offers a payload of between 495kg and 510kg. This is due to space being taken up by the extra electrical components.

Capacity is good, and is as follows:

  • Maximum load length =1,650mm
  • Maximum load height = 800mm
  • Width between wheel arches = 1,000mm
Mitsubishi Outlander Load Area

Interior, Technology, and Safety

Interiors are very pleasant, and feel much more SUV-like than van-like. Higher trim and later models even make use of a digital infotainment screen, along with sharper instruments on some models.

Materials are decent and the fit and finish is very good for a commercial vehicle. 2019 'Reflex' models onwards benefit from heated seats, Bluetooth, DAB, rear parking sensors, keyless entry and dual-zone climate control as standard.

'Reflex Plus' models add in the 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with a reversing camera.

Safety kit on the 2019 onward models feature hill-start assist, electronic stability control along with auto lights and wipers. All models are four-wheel drive and come with a heated windscreen meaning winter is a lot easier with a Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial, thanks to enhanced grip, stability and ease of use.

Mitsubishi Outlander Interior

Is the Mitsubishi Outlander right for me?

Despite Mitsubishi pulling out of the UK in 2021, the Outlander Commercial is a still an attractive used purchase.

Servicing can be done via any Evans Halshaw retailer now that Mitsubishi dealers don't exist in the UK.

As mentioned, if you want a similar car-like Commercial vehicle, more premium options come in the form of the Land Rover Discovery Commercial and Land Rover Defender Hard Top, whilst the Dacia Duster Commercial is a more affordable option.

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