Celebrating 120 years of Renault

23rd Aug 2018

120 years of Renault

Join in with the celebrations between 17th – 27th August as Renault UK dedicate a national campaign to 120 Years of Renault.

As part of their celebrations, our Evans Halshaw Renault dealerships will be hosting a '90s themed event over the August Bank Holiday weekend Saturday 25th- Monday 27th, to mark the launch of the Renault Clio in 1991. There will be team member fancy dress, '90s music and '90s photo booth kit/props for all to enjoy.

The celebration will be an opportunity for Renault to reflect on their commitment to their customers throughout the years, leading the way with innovative features such as central locking, invented by Renault in 1973 and push button start on the Laguna in the year 2000. Right up the present day, Renault continue to contribute to the ever-evolving automotive technology including introductions to desired gadgets such as the hands free keycard and multi-media touchscreen.

During 120 years of Renault, the French manufacturer has established itself throughout history - right through to the present day.

Evans Halshaw take a look at some key moments throughout the 120 year stretch of Renault’s dedication and contribution to the automotive industry and how we know it today…

Renault was born

Founded by Frenchman Louis Renault, the multinational automobile manufacturer first made its mark in the world in 1898. The Renault Voiturette 1CV was the first ever Renault car, which was sold on to a family friend of Louis' following a test drive in December 1898. The brand excelled following the early 20th century prominently during and commencing the demand for automobile machinery in the interwar years.

Renault Voiturette 1CV

Renault registers a patent for the first turbo

It was only four years later, that Renault started designing their very own engines. Louis Renault strongly believed in small engines at no cost of power, when he introduced the first ever turbocharger. The turbo, a tool still used in the present day by manufacturers, certainly places Renault in a renowned league of strong successors throughout automobile history.


Renault creates the first 4x4 vehicle


Renault makes the first automatic gearbox


Renault's Etoile Filante sets 4 speed records

The Renault Etoile Filante was an exclusive gas turbine-powered car in the 1950s created by the manufacturer. The supercar broke and set 4 speed records in 1956, reaching an average speed of 191.0 mph and achieving a world record. Hopes to restore the car arose in the 1990s and it was showcased and incredibly fired up under its own power for the first time since 1956. The iconic car is now preserved featuring in Renault's Historical Cars Collection.

Renault Etoile Filante

Renault creates the first hatchback – the Renault 4

The Renault 4 was created in 1961 as Renault's first family hatchback vehicle, establishing itself as the first ever mass production hatchback car in Europe. It was also the initial front-wheel drive design by Renault, which was a response to its rival manufacturers – Citroen. The Citroen 2CV, released in 1948, was a prime source for Renault's marketing strategy going forward with the popular Renault 4.

Renault 4

Renault first to include 4 disk brakes in a car.


The flexible family car introduced - the Renault 16

The Renault R16 was a massive success in the mid-1960s, replacing the franchises larger family car, the Renault Fregaté. The production had a run of a whopping 15 years, producing around 1,845,959 units. The R16 was a success in most of Europe, winning round consumers with a comfort focused interior and its effective practicality. However, the R16 failed to make its mark in the US, selling only a small number of models.

Renault 16

Renault invents central locking doors


Renault create the first MPV - the Espace

Commencing a slow start regarding the release of Renault's first people carrier, the Renault Espace eventually took off in 1984, comprising the increasing MPV segment in the '80s. The fourth generation Renault Espace had its final production ending in 2014, making way for Renault's second MPV – the Renault Grand Scenic.

Renault Espace

Renault F1 win both the Drivers and Constructors Championships


City driving changed forever with the Renault Twingo

Introduced in 1992 was the much-loved city car, the Renault Twingo. Launched in April 1993, the original Twingo was popular in Europe until 2007. The Renault Twingo 11 was released in 2007 at the Geneva Motor Show, offering a whole new Renault Clio inspired design including improved safety features. By March 2011, the Twingo was a people's favourite, winning “best city car award” in the Parkers' New Car Awards.

Renault Twingo

Renault creates push button start on Laguna


Renault ZOE – the first mass produced 100% electric car

2012 was a big year for Renault, launching their first ever 100% electric car – the Renault ZOE. Originally comprising the 22kWh lithium-ion battery pack and ranging between 130 – 150 miles, the ZOE has evolved more so in the present day. In 2016, the ZOE has evolved its ability by increasing its range by up to an impressive 250 miles!

Renault ZOE

Autonomous automobile – the EZ GO concept car developed


2018 and beyond Renault continues to be at the forefront of sustainable mobility innovation