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Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 has been on sale in the UK since the late 1990s, but with each new generation it's become more and more popular. It's a sought-after pick-up truck worldwide too, thanks to its rugged, dependable nature.

Here we take a look at the version spanning from 2019 to 2021, often referred to as the 'sixth-generation'. The only reason it stopped in 2021 was because this was the same year Mitsubishi pulled out of the UK market.

Highlights of the Mitsubishi L200 are listed below.

  • Distinct styling
  • Decent handling
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Respectable fuel economy
  • Credible legacy

Economy, Towing, and Performance

Mitsubishi L200

Economy of the Mitsubishi L200 is good thanks to a sole 2.3-litre turbocharged diesel engine, with a 6-speed automatic transmission or manual gearbox. Each pairing helps ensure the Mitsubishi L200 return around 30mpg, which may not sound much, but for a chunky pick-up truck, it's not bad at all.

As for performance, we'd recommend finding an auto as it's a tad more refined, especially when it gets up to speed. There's plenty of pulling power from the engine, so things like towing should be fairly easy.

Talking of towing, the L200 can tow 3,500kg with a braked trailer, although if towing over 3,100kg, a triple-axle trailer is needed. 750kg is the limit (as with all vans) without using trailer brakes.

Bodystyles, Payload, and Capacity

Mitsubishi L200

Bodystyles available for this generation of Mitsubishi L200 are the textbook pick-up truck body, either in Double Cab or Crew Cab. It's worth noting that there is no single cab variant.

Payload is good, but it's not as good as some of the leaders in the pick-up truck segment. Its 1,080kg limit is outdone by the likes of the Ford Ranger (up to 1,142kg), Nissan Navara (up to 1,315kg) and Toyota Hilux (up to 1,300kg).

Capacity is good, with the lengths highlighted below.

  • Max load length (Crew Cab/Double Cab) = 1,850mm/1,520mm
  • Max load width = 1,470mm for both
  • Sidewall height = 475mm for both

Interior, Technology, and Safety

Mitsubishi L200 Interior

Interiors of this particular generation of L200 have not really changed much from the previous generation model. They are by no means bad, but don't really wow either. The Ford Ranger and VW Amarok are much better places to spend time.

However, you get clear dials and an ergonomic set-up. It's worth noting that on the 'Warrior' trim and above you get a nice touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which lifts the cabin somewhat.

As for safety, you do get a decent standard of equipment and technology with the L200, which includes Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control, Emergency Stop Signal, Hill Start Assist, Trailer Stability Assist and seven airbags.

Is the Mitsubishi L200 right for me?

With Mitsubishi pulling out of the UK market in 2021, the used prices of their models are surely temping if you want to save some cash and still get a decent pick-up truck.

The likes of the Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara will provide a better all-round experience, but the L200 has a legacy that speaks for itself and is well worth a look.

The VW Amarok is a favourite in this sector too, as well as the Toyota Hilux which is somewhat of a legend in the pick-up world.

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