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Fiat Fullback

The Fiat Fullback is a pick-up truck that's a great option for those who need a rugged commercial vehicle that can also go off-road if needed.

Like many commercial vehicles, it has a twin from another manufacturer. Therefore, if you think the Fiat Fullback looks almost identical to a Mitsubishi L200, you'd be right.

Its rugged good looks will appeal to those who want a tough and dependable commercial vehicle, that can also take care of family duties too. Highlights are summarised below.

  • Good looking
  • Four doors/five seats
  • Decent value for money
  • Impressive off-road ability
  • Good fuel economy

Economy, Towing, and Performance

Fiat Fullback

To say the Fiat Fullback is a large pick-up truck, the economy is actually pretty decent thanks to a 2.4-litre turbo diesel able to return up to 40mpg with the 148bhp version or up to 37mpg with the 178bhp option.

Both versions get four-wheel drive, however the higher powered version gets a more advanced four-stage system with a variable centre differential, as opposed to a three-stage set-up. Either way they are both decent enough off-road and on it too.

Towing a braked trailer can see the Fullback tow up to 3,100kg, which is impressive but falls short of the Nissan Navara's 3,500kg limit.

Bodystyles, Payload, and Capacity

Fiat Fullback

As for bodystyles, there's just the textbook regular pick-up truck style in double-cab format with four doors and five seats, meaning the Fullback can cope with family life when not on the day-to-day commercial job.

There are three trims, so it's fairly easy and straightforward to find the right spec for your needs. If you want more choice, the Mitsubishi L200 offers more trims being the original model out of the two.

Payload is good, with 1,045kg available. Capacity wise, the Fiat Fullback dimensions are as follows:

  • Maximum load length = 1,520mm
  • Maximum load width = 1,470mm
  • Sidewall height = 475mm

Interior, Technology, and Safety

Fiat Fullback

Interior is decent in the Fiat Fullback as it's rather SUV-like. That said, like anything, trim level will make the whole vibe feel better if you go for a higher spec.

'SX' is the entry-level trim and is rather utilitarian, but does include basics such as DAB, Bluetooth and electric windows.

'LX' spec is better with keyless entry/ignition, along with leather seats (fronts are heated), dual-zone climate control and a nice 6.1-inch touchscreen with sat-nav.

'Cross' trim is more lifestyle focused with black alloy wheels, wheel arch extensions and locking rear differential.

All models feature a decent level of safety kit which includes seven airbags, cruise control, trailer stability assist, electric stability control and hill start assist.

Is the Fiat Fullback right for me?

If you're in the market for a tough, rugged and good-looking commercial vehicle that can double up as a family wagon when needed, and offers a bit more style than a regular panel van, the Fiat Fullback is well worth a look.

Its Mitsubishi L200 sibling offers more trim levels and some would argue the Mitsubishi badge has more kudos, especially in the truck game. There's also the Nissan Navara to contemplate, too.

The Ford Ranger and VW Amarok are highly impressive trucks which will always score high in this segment, so worth looking at also if you have a bit more budget.

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