Reasons For Keeping an Up-To-Date Service History

23rd Dec 2016

As a nation, we like to change our cars like we change our shoes. In fact, the average person in the UK will go through about nine different cars in a lifetime.

It’s understandable with so many different brands and models, we are spoilt for choice.

Find out the implications of not keeping track of your service history. What damage this might have to the vehicle and how it restricts selling opportunities below:

  • Older consumers especially see a service history as a massive contributing factor, a used car that doesn't have a service history or holds an incomplete record, can lose up to 23% of vehicle value.
  • A full-service history could be worth almost a quarter of your vehicles value.
  • Reduced functionally and technical issues. It is easy to tell when regular issues arise that your service history may not be up-to-date. Small faults like air-con can lead to a rise in fuel consumption, costing you more to run your car.
  • If you want to sell your car and have neglected to keep an up-to-date service book or misplaced it, you can talk to your dealership. They may be able to provide you with one for a small fee, but it will be more difficult to sell without.
  • You can maintain a brilliant relationship with your dealership by organising your services regularly. They will remind you after you have built this relationship, which will ensure you are on track.
  • If you keep up-to-date with your service car plan or contract, you may be the first to get deals through the post/email for your loyalty.

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