How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Travelling By Car

05th Jul 2018

It’s important to keep your dog safe when taking it for a ride in your car, especially if it’s a longer journey. And most of us take our dogs everywhere we go! Whether it’s camping in the Peaks or spending a weekend at the slot machines in Skegness - we'll definitely be taking our doggies.

Do you need some advice on how to travel safely with yours? No need to worry… we’ve got you covered.
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To help owners ensure the ultimate safety of their canine companions, we've put together some ideas of how to keep them safe while driving. No matter how cute they may be, unfortunately having them snooze on your lap whilst road tripping is not the right route to go down.

Don't Cheat, Keep Them Off the Front Seat

If your doggo likes to go on a wander, it's going to be the best idea not to let him or her cruise in the front seat.

We don't want any unfortunate incidents where there could be some distraction for you as a driver, and some dogs can get quite excited or anxious at the thought of a road trip with their favourite hooman.

Save yourself from worrying and doggo from getting anxious by keeping it to the back seat only!

Can't Beat the Back Seat

When travelling with your furry friend, its always best to keep them on the back seat. In some cases, this may cause a little bit of car sickness, but by simply opening the window, any mishaps can be avoided.

Alongside that, you can also buy a seatbelt for your doggy (yes, that's an actual thing). There's lots of different types of seatbelts available, just search for the best one depending on the type of dog you have.

If you have a feeling there may be an incident throughout the journey, just place some tarp down on the back seat and drive with an easy mind. Oh, and don't forget some wet wipes and paper towels just in case.

With your pup on the back seat and all the above precautions in place, you'll be good to go. We recommend stopping a few times during longer journeys for loo stops and a stretch of those little legs!

A healthy dog usually puts their nose out of the window when riding in a car, so if they are sleeping too much and not drinking or eating then there may be a slight problem - always best to keep an eye out.

Crates and Gates are Great

Who doesn't love their very own space with a bed and some food to chillax in? That's why crates are a really effective and comfortable way of transporting your fluffy friend - and in style too! There are a huge variety of crates on the market, from big and small to jazzy and plain.

All you need to do is make sure doggo fits correctly in the crate and also keep in mind that it needs to fit in the boot of your car too.

Another way to keep your dog in one area is to buy a dog gate for your boot, which will prevent any wandering paws. It's super inexpensive and you can grab one at any pet store near you!

Don't Delay, Grab Their Water and Treats Today

How great is it when you have loads of delicious treats and thirst-quenching refreshments during a long journey? Well, your furry canine friend feels the same.

Always be sure to take some cold water along with you on the trip as dogs can become dehydrated rather quickly. It doesn't matter what kind of water you use, it can be bottled or from the tap - just make sure its fresh and freezing.

It's always the best to have a companion to eat alongside, whether they've got four legs or two. So, if it's a big bag of tear and share crisps or a juicy pack of wine gums you're enjoying, make sure doggo has something tasty to delve into as well. Sometimes longer trips can be a bit daunting to a dog, so having a treat will make it much more pleasurable.

We hope these little tips are enough to keep you and your beloved doggo happy and comfortable throughout every journey from this moment onwards!