Best Used 4WD Cars

22nd Jul 2019

Best Used Four-Wheel Drive Cars
UK weather throws pretty much everything at us Brits, from torrential rain to heavy snow, with motorists having to contend with difficult driving conditions on a fairly regular basis. Manoeuvring on wet roads and through snow and over black ice are arguably some of the most stressful aspects of driving, but four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles help remove some of the anxiety around driving in these conditions because of their extra traction.

Obviously they're useful off-road too, on muddy tracks and up country lanes 4WD cars excel in terms of their road handling and grip levels.

We've compiled a list of the 10 best four-wheel drive used vehicles on sale in Britain to help you narrow down your search.

Volvo XC60

Voted Best Medium Crossover in the UK Car of the Year Awards 2018, and arguably one of the best family SUVs in its market, the Volvo XC60 sports premium design and interior spec that'll impress on-lookers and occupants alike.

The first-generation Volvo XC60 underwent a subtle facelift in 2013, enhancing the style of the exterior with subtle changes to the front lights, grille and removal of the black cladding along the lower doors sills. Though flaunting a stylish look, the XC60 is still as practical as ever.

Not only does the Volvo XC60 look great and provide a spacious and comfortable cabin for occupants, it also performs well and is available with a wide range of engine variants.

View Used Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60

Vauxhall Mokka 4WD

This popular crossover by Vauxhall has a lot to offer. Both 2WD and 4WD used Mokkas are available, so look out for ones badged "4x4".

The smart four-wheel drive system maintains 100% drive at the front wheels unless the system detects slip, fast starts or tight cornering, at which point it sends power to the rear wheels too, helping you to stay on the straight and narrow.

The Vauxhall Mokka 4x4 is available with a petrol or diesel engine but they all come with a manual gearbox. As well as being practical and safe the Mokka looks good too, and standard spec is excellent.

View Used Vauxhall Mokka
Orange Mokka

Ford Kuga

Offering an ample range of petrol and diesel engines with numerous variants, the Ford Kuga caters to all motorists' needs and strikes the perfect balance between style and substance.

The spacious mid-sized SUV comfortably fits 5 occupants inside, and the clever interior design offers savvy storage solutions, such as conveniently placed cup holders and a generously sized glovebox.

The Ford Kuga is a true all-rounder; smart, practical and stylish the four-wheel drive SUV makes for a perfect family car and boasts a sizeable boot that can be extended by lowering the rear seats.

This popular Ford SUV offers a more than competent drive and handles itself well in tricky weather conditions and on challenging terrain. View Used Ford Kuga
White Ford Kuga

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

One of the most iconic 4-wheel drive vehicles available, the Range Rover Sport emits style and elegance in addition to offering the best off-road capability in its class.

The luxury SUV offers a comfortable drive in all conditions and situations - whether you are driving through extreme weather or manoeuvring your way through the city - the Range Rover Sport will get you where you need to be, efficiently and hassle free.

On top of all this, the popular Range Rover Sport is built around a generous range of engine variants that includes both petrol and diesel to suit your needs. View Used Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Red Range Rover

Dacia Duster

Boasting efficiency and practicality, this SUV by Dacia is a comfortable vehicle that has a lot to offer.

The all-wheel drive system available with the Dacia Duster allows you to switch between three driving modes for the most relaxed and efficient driving experience possible. Choose between Auto, Lock and a 2WD mode, all of which suit different driving conditions and scenarios.

The fact that options are kept to a minimum and you're only given the essentials means the Duster is a bargain four-wheel drive SUV. There are plusher models with more spec if you desire, but the lower trim levels give you everything you need and nothing you don't, which can make for a liberating and refreshing driving experience. View Used Dacia Duster
Black Dacia Duster

Honda CR-V

A medium-sized crossover from Honda, the CR-V is a practical and safe 4WD vehicle. Though practicality and safety are the priorities of the CR-V, it still managers to offer an enjoyable drive for motorists thanks to sharp steering, which gives the CR-V a somewhat sporty feel.

The boot is huge and the rear seats fold down to reveal even more space, so the tip run shouldn't be a problem, while build quality remains excellent as you'd expect from a Japanese SUV.

Choose from both petrol and diesel engines as well as both automatic and manual versions. This 4-wheel drive SUV suits both town and motorway driving and is pretty economical too - especially the diesel model. View Used Honda CR-V
Black Honda CR-V

Fiat Panda 4x4

Despite the small dimensions of the Fiat Panda, the unique hatchback is surprisingly spacious and due to its 4WD system - available on certain models - is very capable off road and in winter weather, providing a consistent drive in tricky conditions. Due to its small size, the Panda is able to go places that bigger and heavier competitors can't, and its low weight helps it skip over rough terrain.

Not only does the Panda 4x4 perform well in adverse weather conditions, but it's also a convenient city car due to its tiny proportions that make it super-easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

4x4 versions of the Panda are much rarer than the regular 2WD versions, but there are still plenty out there on the used market. View Used Fiat Panda
Green Fiat Panda

Audi TT

Despite being a stylish sports car, the TT is available with Audi's famous quattro four-wheel drive system, putting it one step ahead of its competitors by providing a better handling experience in tricky conditions.

Audi has a strong reputation for making cars that are great to look at both inside and out, and the TT is no exception. The combination of the flawless style of the TT and the option of Audi's quattro four-wheel drive makes the TT not only desirable, but also practical for winter use.

The Audi TT Quattro is perhaps one of the best all-weather sports cars and also features an ample amount of innovative technology and safety features. View Used Audi TT
Blue Audi TT-S

Volkswagen Tiguan

As parent company to Audi, Volkswagen have access to all their four-wheel drive knowledge and they apply it to some of their own cars, such as the Tiguan.

While two-wheel drive versions are available and very popular, the four-wheel drive models command a premium on the used SUV market because of their added off-road abilities, and the fact that you paid more for a four-wheel drive Tiguan from new.

Most used 4WD Tiguans you'll find are fitted with the popular 2.0-litre diesel engine, though newer ones (and the odd older one) can be found with a petrol, too.

The Tiguan is spacious, refined and well built, as you'd expect. Diesel economy is more than decent and performance is good too, with a strong surge of power. Look out for R Line models which had cool styling enhancements. View Used Volkswagen Tiguan
Brown Tiguan

Nissan Navara

Never considered a used pick-up truck as your family car before? Well, maybe now is the time!

If you're looking for a capable four-wheel drive vehicle, pick-ups like the Nissan Navara offer fantastic amounts of off-road ability, space and of course practicality.

Sure, they're not as economical or as refined as something like a used Nissan Qashqai, but they're still very usable on a daily basis with comfy seats and air conditioning.

They're especially useful if you have a dog, as plenty of used Navaras will come with a bed cover already installed, but if they don't you can have them retro-fitted. Then you'll have a huge waterproof boot that's much larger than the one you'll find on a family car - even an SUV. View Used Nissan Navara
Grey Navara
Generally speaking SUVs are the way to go if you're after a four-wheel drive vehicle. However, as we've shown above, you can get pick-up trucks, sports cars and even tiny little city cars with a 4WD system, so in the end the choice is yours!

There are lots of options when it comes to buying a used four-wheel drive, and we can't list them all here, but other cars you may wish to consider include the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and Volkswagen Golf R.