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The BMW X2 is a fine-looking SUV. But what purpose does the BMW X2 serve in the BMW range? BMW models which feature an even number, are essentially more stylish and sportier versions of the model that sits before them in the line-up, numerically speaking. Therefore, the BMW X2 is effectively a more style- conscious and sportier version of the BMW X1, just the same as the BMW 4 Series is a sportier and more stylish 3 Series.

This of course is a great way for people to identify which model could be ideal for them, based on their lifestyle and needs. So, what does the BMW X2 offer? On the face of it, the X2 gives buyers:

  • Sharper, more handsome looks
  • A lower driving position
  • A properly fast and impressive M35i version
  • An SUV for lifestyle and fashion conscious

Find out more about the BMW X2 below, and discover if there is more than first meets the eye.

Engines and Driving Experience

BMW X2 Driving

Is the BMW X2 just a more dynamic BMW SUV than the X1? In short yes, but this was to be expected with a sleeker, lower-slung body with modified components, making the X2 stiffer, sharper and more engaging in terms of the driving experience. But there are also some nice additions, which you may not have expected too.

There is of course the same 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines as found in the BMW X1, with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Those looking for economy will like the 53mpg you get in the diesels, whilst the petrol versions will return around 44mpg.

The 157mpg plug-in hybrid will suit those who cover big mileage, with up to 33 miles of pure-electric range available too.

Petrolheads will opt for the properly punchy M35i version, which produces an eye-opening 302bhp. This is circa 130bhp more than anything the X1 can muster. This means the X2 M35i can embarrass a Ford Focus ST or Honda Civic Type R from 0 to 62mph, taking just 4.9 seconds, with the hot hatchbacks taking 5.7 seconds. You'll still get 36mpg and all-wheel drive too.

Practicality and Running Costs

BMW X2 Boot

Boot space is just 35 litres behind the BMW X1, coming in at 470 litres. To put that in perspective, you only get 430 litres in the popular Nissan Qashqai, so the X2 is still a rather practical SUV, despite its sleeker appearance. A further 1,355 litres becomes available when you fold the rear seats for a space ideal for tip runs and transporting large items.

Despite the lower roof line, adults will still be able to get comfortable in the back, with those around six-foot still being good for space and comfort.

As for running costs, the choice of engines means 40mpg is easily possible from most models, whilst even the hardcore performance M35i can get 36mpg.

In terms of servicing, your local Evans Halshaw can complete a service on any BMW X2, whilst if you are looking for more specialist care, then your local Stratstone BMW retailer is also able to cater for your needs.

Interior, Technology, and Safety

BMW X2 Cockpit

First seen in 2017, the BMW X2 interior is similar to most BMW interiors of this era. Therefore, a premium well-made feel is complemented by a central infotainment screen and ergonomic layout of the driver's controls.

Dials are backlit with white lighting to give a digital look, despite their analogue nature. This gives a driver focused vibe to the cabin, which keen drivers will like.

M Sport models and the M35i get more stylish materials to enhance the cockpit further, whilst entry-level SE models still get sat nav, DAB, cruise control and rear-parking sensors as standard.

M Sport and M35i models certainly look a lot sharper on the exterior too.

As for safety, the X2 shares the X1's five-star Euro NCAP safety rating. This is thanks to features in the model range including:

  • Forward collision warning
  • BMW Emergency call
  • Attentiveness assistant
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Park assist

Is the BMW X2 right for me?

If you like the idea of a premium SUV, but also like the idea of a sleeker look, then the BMW X2 could be worth a look for sure, especially if you are after a more dynamic alternative to its X1 sibling.

With a bigger boot than the ultra-popular Nissan Qashqai, the X2 really doesn't seem like it has sacrificed much in terms of practicality, plus it's a lot more premium feeling and sharper than the Nissan too.

The Audi Q2 is worth looking at, and arguably has a better interior, but you'll want to be behind the wheel of the X2 if you enjoy driving more. The M35i version is a properly impressive bit of kit, offering more speed and pace than leading hot hatchbacks, and can only really be matched by the likes of the VW T-ROC R, which again features a slightly nicer interior.

But overall, the BMW X2 may well be just a sportier BMW X1, but as you can see, this is certainly no bad thing.

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