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Peugeot Reveals New 408 Fastback

22nd Jun 2022

By Chris Russon

Peugeot 408 Exterior Front Peugeot 408 Interior Peugeot 408 Exterior Rear
Peugeot 408 Exterior Front Peugeot 408 Interior Peugeot 408 Exterior Rear

A new fastback coupé has been unveiled by Peugeot as the French car maker expands its line-up of family-sized models.

Sitting between the latest 308 hatchback and 3008 SUV, the new 408 is due for release early next year and is likely to have prices starting at around £30,000.

The 408 will be powered by a choice of plug-in hybrid or petrol powertrains, with an all-electric version following on.

At 4.69 metres long, the 408 is significantly larger than the 308 on which it is based and comes with a good-sized boot that with a capacity of 536 litres stretching to 1,611 litres with the rear seats folded.

Luggage space on the plug-in 408’s is reduced by around 60 litres to accommodate the car’s electrical systems.

No diesel model is included in the range, but Peugeot will be offering the 408 at launch with two plug-in options – one developing 225hp and the other 180hp – as well as a 130hp PureTech petrol, all mated to 8-speed automatic transmissions.

The PHEV variants are likely to have an electric only range of around 40 miles, with recharging times from a wallbox of one hour 55 minutes or a full charge from a domestic 3-pin socket in some 7.5 hours.

Technology is high and the 408’s features including adaptive cruise control, a full suite of safety aids and a night vision system with a range of up to 250 metres.

A semi-autonomous driving set up will also be available eventually.

Interior equipment will feature Peugeot;s i-Cockpit with its multi-mode instrument panel and a 10-inch central display screen for other functions including navigation, ventilation, and a Bluetooth system that allows for two phones to be connected simultaneously.

Power outlets are available throughout the cabin and include a supplementary point sited in the boot.

Linda Jackson, Peugeot’s chief executive, said of the 408: “It's been designed for lovers of cars and of life, who want to break free from the traditional while seeking responsible pleasure. It encompasses all of Peugeot’s technological demands – controlled efficiency and a connected digital experience – and all the emotions associated with instinctive driving pleasure and a peaceful journey."

Prices correct as of 22/06/22 and are subject to change.