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We get so used to paying a high price for petrol that you may be shocked at how little you can fill up your car for in some countries. Producer countries in South America and the Middle East enjoy massively lower prices than we do in the West.

This research, commissioned by Evans Halshaw, shows the surprisingly low cost of petrol in countries like Venezuela, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and compares the disposable income of people in these countries against the amount they spend on fuel.

Global petrol prices
Venezuela in South America has the world's cheapest petrol at an average of 8p per litre - compare that to the UK, where a litre of petrol costs an average of 142p! Egypt and Saudi Arabia enjoy similar prices.

Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world, and it is unsurprising that the other nine cheapest countries for petrol are in or close to the oil-rich Middle East and Africa. However, political instability in these countries can greatly increase prices for the rest of the world.

Average wages in different countries
Out of the ten cheapest countries for petrol, people in Saudi Arabia spend the largest proportion of their income on it - despite having the third-lowest prices in the world. Qatar, where average monthly incomes are more than double that of every other country on the list, also spends a surprisingly high proportion on fuel.

Meanwhile, people in Algeria, Iran and Venezuela spend proportionately little on petrol, even though incomes are a fraction of those in other countries.

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