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Introducing the new Fiat 500e

Blue Fiat 500e Side On

The Fiat 500 has long been a symbol of style and charm, with its distinctive design and zippy driving dynamics. Now, the iconic Italian city car gets a revolutionary makeover in the form of the 500e.

The all-electric 500e captures the essence of the classic 500 and infuses it with a sleek, modern look that makes it easily identifiable as an electrified model. It's also available in both hatchback and convertible forms.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it's efficient too, with an impressive electric range, rapid charging capabilities, and a whole suite of state-of-the-art technology and safety features that ensure both enjoyment and peace of mind while driving.

Design and Practicality

Blue Fiat 500e Hatchback and Convertible

On the design front, new modern touches have been introduced to differentiate the 500e from its hybrid sibling, such as 17" alloy wheels with a striking bi-colour diamond finish, adding a touch of sophistication and sportiness.

It also comes with LED side arrows and LED headlights that enhance the car's stylish appeal and improve visibility and safety while driving at night.

The Fiat 500e maintains the same boot space as the original 500. With a boot capacity of 185 litres, extendable to 550 litres with the rear seats folded down, the 500e offers a decent amount of storage for many occasions.

Interior, Technology, and Safety

Fiat 500e Interior

Technology is where the 500e really shows off its capabilities, from entertainment features, smart connectivity, and safety features that keep you in check while driving and avoid accidents before they happen.

The bright 10-inch display with navigation and six speakers provides an unparalleled sound experience with DAB radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, while fast Bluetooth connectivity links all smartphones within five seconds of opening the door.

The redesigned electric door handle with an e-latch system adds a welcome touch of simplicity; just push the soft button inside to unlock the car.

Active safety features include:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Active Lane Assist
  • Cruise Control
  • Fatigue Detection System: Monitors lateral vehicle movements and advises the driver to take a break with visual and acoustic warnings on the instrument panel.

Range and Performance

Blue Fiat 500e Rear Driving

The Fiat 500e is 100 percent electric, offering a choice of powertrains to suit your driving needs. The entry-level model features a compact electric motor delivering 94bhp and achieving a 0 to 62mph time of 9.5 seconds.

For those seeking more power, the higher-end model comes with a larger battery boosting the output to 116bhp. This upgrade reduces the 0 to 62mph time by half a second, making it fairly efficient for city driving.

Additionally, the 500e employs regenerative braking, which recovers kinetic energy when you lift off the accelerator, converting it into electricity to recharge the battery. With a decent combined range of up to 199 miles, the 500e is perfect for city commutes and longer journeys, ensuring you stay on the move with minimal interruptions.


Blue Fiat 500e Charging

The Fiat 500e is designed for easy and efficient charging, whether at home or on the go. It comes with a Mode 3 cable as standard, allowing you to plug into a home wall box or public charging station effortlessly.

It also supports fast charging up to 85kW, adding up to 30 miles of range in just five minutes and reaching 80 percent battery charge in 35 minutes, ensuring you can quickly recharge and get back on the road with minimal downtime.

Test drive the Fiat 500 at your local Evans Halshaw Fiat dealership

The iconic Fiat 500 continues its legacy with the introduction of the 500e, a fully electric city car with superb electric range and plenty of cutting-edge tech.

To book a test drive, or to learn more about the Fiat 500e, contact your preferred Evans Halshaw Fiat dealership today.