Road Test Review: DS 4 CROSS Rivoli

Independent review by Edward Stephens

5-minute read

DS 4 CROSS Rivoli Front Driving

Road Test: DS 4 CROSS Rivoli

Explore the key features of the DS 4 CROSS Rivoli in our expert road test review

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The DS 4 CROSS Rivoli is a powerful and dynamic compact SUV, packed with technology and features.


  • Comfortable interior
  • Generous levels of equipment
  • Luxurious design
  • Powerful performance
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The new DS 4 embodies French luxury savoir-faire, and is a car that will appeal to drivers who want to stand out in the crowd.

Since the inception of DS as a standalone brand in 2014, we have come to expect its models to be interestingly different, and with the DS 4 that difference has been taken to new heights.

Design and Practicality

This DS model is available in multiple specifications including the standard DS4, the Performance Line and the CROSS.

The latter, driven here, comes with side skirts, black roof bars, front and rear skid plates, and back bumpers, giving it a distinctive SUV style.

With a deep gloss black honeycomb grille, ultra slim headlights, lightning flash daylight running lights, deep contours in the bodywork and 19-inch alloys, the DS 4 CROSS Rivoli is a car that gets you noticed.

The interior combines refinement with technology. The DS 4 features brown Nappa watchstrap leather on the seats, doors and centre console, a handstitched steering wheel, air vents that have been designed to be almost invisible and intricately knurled metal work.

Comfort is high on the agenda with this car thanks to deeply upholstered seats with multiple adjustment settings to ensure you ride at ease. To make sure you stay in control, the steering wheel has a grip sensor that regularly checks that you're alert.

Equipment and Technology

Not only does it have a refreshing new-look inside and out, it’s also packed with interesting new technology and top quality switchgear.

Features include active scan suspension, which uses a camera at the top of the windscreen to scan the road ahead for imperfections, so the suspension can be adjusted to prepare for them.

Then there’s the infrared night vision system which, in poor light, identifies hazards ahead and warns the driver.

Matrix headlights allow you to retain full beam and still not affect cars ahead of you or coming towards you. Add to that a fighter-pilot-style head-up display, and it's clear the new DS 4 CROSS Rivoli is a force to be reckoned with.

The seats can be heated in summer, cooled in winter and come with a variety of massage choices too.

There’s a 10-inch HD touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard and a smaller screen near the gear shift, which you can write instructions on such as an address for the navigation system rather than typing it in.

Engines and Performance

On the road it’s quiet, sharp and very refined.
Edward Stephens

Powers comes from a 1.6-litre, 181bhp petrol engine mated to a seamless eight-speed automatic gearbox. Diesel and plug-in hybrid options are also available.

There’s also a choice of three driving modes – eco, normal and sport – and there are paddles behind the steering wheel for overriding the auto box.


So, if you are in the market for a premium compact SUV, perhaps you should think of the DS 4. And in CROSS Rivoli trim, you can get even more comfort and luxury.

This incredibly stylish model is classy and unique and is suitable for a range of requirements and situations.