What is Renault OpenR?

19th Jul 2023

By Veronica Chiarelli

What is Renault OpenR and how do you use it? 

Most modern cars are equipped with infotainment systems that helps motorists control many functions of the car. Renault have launched a brand new infotainment system which is available on new Renault cars, including the Megane E-TECH Electric.

An Improvement in size along with ability to be fully customised via the driver, not to mention having Google built in are just some of the new features developed by Renault to provide the motorists with an outstanding driving experience.

This article will guide you through the novelties added to Renault’s infotainment system and how you can make the most of it.

What is an infotainment system?

Inside view of a Renault car

Infotainment systems are touchscreen displays placed on the dashboard of cars to help drivers navigate and control many of the vehicle’s functions. If you’re not familiar with this type of technology, it basically looks like a tablet that you can use to play music, adjust air conditioning, operate a sat-nav, to name just a few of its features.

The screens used for this have also increased in size over the past few years along with phone connectivity being much more impressive too. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have meant it's much easier to make calls, listen to music, and to use apps like Google Maps too, if the car doesn't have a sat-nav.

Renault OpenR Display Screen

OpenR infosystem screens

One of OpenR’s most innovative feature is the screen, or more specifically, screens. Renault have created an L-shape system formed by two displays, a 12.3-inch screen built in horizontally behind the steering wheel and a 12-inch screen positioned vertically on the vehicle’s centre console. These are the biggest screens ever implemented by Renault and they were designed to provide an exclusive immersive experience for drivers.

The innovation didn’t stop on how the screens were displayed. They were made by Continental, a company that specialises in creating pioneer technologies, using Gorilla-type glass (that is ultra resistant to shocks, scratch-proof, anti-reflective, and anti-smudge). This ultra-resistant glass is estimated to last 15 years.

What are OpenR's best features?

Inside view of a Renault car with OpenR info system on display

OpenR was designed to always be up to date and allow full customisation to fit to your liking and needs. This innovative infotainment system aims to create a smooth and trouble-free experience to the motorist by connecting directly to your favourite apps and providing an unique navigation experience. Here’s an overlook at OpenR best features:

Google Ecosystem

Renault’s main aim was to create an experience where everything a driver may need would be available at their fingertips without the need to use a smartphone for anything. That’s why they teamed up with Google and developed a way to integrate Google’s most famous and used apps to OpenR Link System.

This is great news to Android OS users that will have the process of connecting their apps facilitated by this integration. Apple CarPlay is still available on OpenR, so there’s no reason for iOS users to panic.

Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play are some of the apps available on OpenR.

Designed to be personal

Everyone uses their infotainment systems differently, that’s why OpenR Link was created to mold to each driver individually. The interface and commands were inspired by smartphones and designed to be intuitive to its users.

The menus can be found on top of the screen and you can change the standard navigation configuration in a single action. You can also personalise your main screen and the one behind the steering wheel. Based on Google smart features, OpenR can recommend navigation options that fits the driver’s usage habits.

Voice command

A lot has been said in this article about everything being available at the fingertips on OpenR but one of its best features is voice command. You don’t need to get distracted messing around trying to find an address or song. You can tell your infotainment system what to do whilst keeping your eyes on the road. This feature is convenient and will make your daily trips safer.

Built in apps

OpenR comes with several apps already installed and ready to be used.

  • Connect amazon music to your account to listen to music and podcasts directly from the car.
  • Vivaldi is the first web browser developed to be used in cars. It’s preinstalled and ready to be used for any information you might need whilst on the road.
  • Easy Park will assist you to find and book parking among millions of spaces registered throughout Europe.
  • Sybel will provide entertainment when you’re travelling alone. This app provides original audio series and podcasts to keep you entertained when alone on the road.

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