What is a Winter Car Check?

21st Sep 2022

By Kenny Longdon

What is a Winter Car Check?

At the winter months draw in, it's getting darker earlier and the weather is starting to turn.

Reduced light and varying weather can of course mean driving is more difficult, and the risk of an accident or breakdown is significantly increased.

Many breakdowns or accidents at this time of year could easily be avoided by ensuring your car is fit for winter, which can be looked at as part of a routine inspection of your car.

A Winter Car Check is essentially that, ensuring your car has the best chance to making it safely through winter. Read on below to see how you can take advantage.

Tyre Inspection


Arguably the most overlooked investment when it comes to a car. As the main contact points your car has with the road, tyres are extremely important.

As part of the Winter Car Check your car's tread depths will be checked, along with the overall condition of your tyres. Low tread or poor condition tyres could increase the risk of skidding and losing traction, resulting in the car being much harder to control in adverse weather conditions.

If a car has good quality tyres, with plenty of tread, they're far less likely to cause you problems in winter. More grip and better quality will make driving in adverse weather easier, and generally be a lot safer than those in poor condition.

Battery Inspection

Technician checking health of a car battery

A change in temperature can start to play havoc with certain items of a car, one of which is the battery. This is a vital part of the car as it powers essential things needed in the car.

Therefore, as part of the Winter Car Check the optimisation of your battery is also checked and tested, ensuring it's protected, charged and secured properly, so that you're not left without any power in your vehicle.

It's also good to check a battery after storage, as some batteries can lose charge or function easily after not being used for a while.

Coolant and antifreeze top-up


Cooling system problems are common reasons for engine breakdowns; this is the last thing you want when it's cold outside, or you're out in the sticks broken down in a dangerous position on the road network.

Therefore, checking the cooling system can be a preventative measure. Antifreeze is also important to help freezing water from splitting engine hoses, pipes and causing leaks, so making sure it's in tip-top condition is an important and necessary part of the Winter Car Check.

Windscreen Wipers Inspection

Checking Wiper Blades

In summer you probably hardly ever use your wipers, apart from when the heavens open for the inevitable British shower. However, come the winter months, we rely a lot more on our windscreen wipers and washer bottle fluid to clear salt, water and general road grime from our view.

It's also worth noting that poor condition wipers are an MOT failure. In winter your wipers are ultra-important for maintaining clear vision. Our technicians will ensure they're up to the job of keeping things clear for you, so you're not putting yourself or other road users in unnecessary danger.

Lights Inspection


Again, due to the night drawing in headlight and taillight use is increased.

Your lights will therefore be checked, again making sure you're safe and legal.

Poor headlights and tail lights could be the difference in being seen or helping see the road ahead, so making sure your lights are in good working order is vital. Carrying a spare set of bulbs is handy, although some cars do feature much more advanced headlight and tail lights.

Oil Check

Engine Oil

The last thing you want in winter is your car breaking down. No one wants to be at the side of the road whilst its freezing cold, with your car in a potentially dangerous position that could be a hazard to other road users.

So before winter, it's also a great idea to get the oil checked. Too much or too little oil in a car can damage a car's engine.

Advise on oil type will also be given some instances, as some oil is thinner to ensure smoother operating in the colder months and to keep your car running smoothly.

Get your Winter Car Check with Evans Halshaw

If you're visiting an Evans Halshaw and want to be set for winter, you can take advantage of a complementary Winter Health Check.

Contact your preferred Evans Halshaw retailer to find out more.

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