Car Battery Tips for the Cold Weather in Winter

06th Dec 2017

Why Does Cold Weather Cause Car Battery Issues?

Extremely cold weather directly affects the effectiveness of the chemicals within your battery. This explains why a lot of people struggle to start their car on a cold winter morning, despite technology improvements over the years.  This combined with a reduction in car use due to people being off work for Christmas leads to a higher number of battery failures during the festive period.

For this reason, it is advisable to have your battery checked over before winter sets in. A simple winter check at your nearest Evans Halshaw garage will put your mind at ease. Our skilled technicians will be able to assess the potential lifespan of your current battery as part of your winter check.

How to Keep Your Battery Charged in Winter

If you have a fair-weather car, such as a soft-top, and are unlikely to be using your car during the colder months it is wise to keep your car in a garage, if you have one. In such cases, connecting a trickle charger will prevent it from failing when you come to use it again come springtime. A standard battery charger may not offer a trickle charge setting, but a higher quality slightly more expensive charger or a dedicated trickle charger will keep your battery juiced up all winter long.

In this ultra-connected world of smart technology and communication, your greatest fear in life may be watching the draining life of your phone battery slip away beyond your control, just when you're awaiting that important call.  But whilst these things are important, a bigger inconvenience would be the fateful, sudden demise of your car's hardworking battery when you're nowhere near to home.

Car Battery Inspection

Cold Weather Battery Care Equipment

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for battery failure. Investing in booster cables or a battery charger may mean you don't have to contact a recovery service. Battery chargers and booster cables are available from most car accessory retailers.

If you encounter battery failure, finding your booster cables and attempting to flag down a passing motorist is difficult enough as it is but on a cold morning, even the most kind-hearted of motorists may think twice about stopping. If you're out in the sticks when you encounter battery failure, it can be altogether more serious for you as temperatures can rapidly plummet after the sun goes down.

Car Battery Tips for Winter

  • Battery check - check all terminals are free from debris and corrosion as this can effective conductivity - if in doubt have it checked professionally.
  • Charging system check - if your battery has a strong output but is still unable to recharge, the issue may be with your alternator. The alternator draws energy from the engine to recharge the battery as you drive.
  • Regular charges - It may seem obvious, but not using your car, especially over extended holiday periods can result in your battery losing charge. To avoid a flat car battery make a point of starting up the ignition every day it is not in use. Running the car for just 5-10 minutes will avoid a frustrating first day back after the Christmas break.
  • Don't be tempted to use air compressors, phone charges or radio with the engine turned off as this will directly drain the battery. Even short periods of use without the engine running will result in a flat battery.
  • Drive your car - even a short journey will allow the battery to recharge itself better than any other method.
Car Battery Test

Persistent car battery issues

If your battery is prone to intermittent failure, it is likely that your battery has an issue, but a car battery booster may be an option for you. Clipping onto the flat battery in-situ, the boost injects a kick start into your lifeless battery, sufficient to get you up and going when options are limited, and if your alternator is working correctly the battery will charge as you drive along.

In the event that your battery has finally given up the ghost, you will need to replace it. Using our online booking service, you can book an appointment for your car to be fitted with a new battery. It is tempting to choose the cheapest battery available, however, when deciding on which battery to buy, you should check the CCA levels. The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) are a measure of how efficient your battery is when operating in cold conditions.

In order to prevent a repeat of battery failure next winter, invest in a battery with a higher CCA to make sure you get to your destination on time every time, without fail. Our Service Advisors will be able to help you make the right decision and offer suggestion on the type of battery best for your car. 

Should have any questions or concerns regarding the health of your car battery, simply call your local Evans Halshaw Dealership or book an appointment online to have a complete Winter Check.