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Car Servicing

1. It maintains the Warranty

Perhaps the most important reason of all, protecting the Manufacturer's warranty on a new car can only be done by having services carried out at or before the correct intervals. Servicing outside of the Manufacturer's guidelines can invalidate the warranty, possibly leaving you to pick up the repair bill if something should go wrong.

2. It keeps your car happy

Cars need to be serviced. They are designed to require maintenance to keep them in good working order. Having the oil and filters changed at regular intervals prevents any dirt or dust getting into the engine's oily bits and potentially causing major issues. It will also prolong the engine's longevity and ultimately the car's overall life span.

3. It keeps you safe

While performing a car or van service, we will always carry out a total Vehicle Health Check on your vehicle, enabling us to identify any potential problems or safety concerns. This includes vital items such as brake pads and discs that need to be kept in good order for safety reasons.

4. Tyres!

During the Vehicle Health Check, we'll also check your tyres to ensure that they're in good condition and have a reasonable amount of tread depth. The legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm, but we'd recommend you consider changing your tyres at around the 3mm mark in order to maintain adequate performance on the road, especially in cold and wet weather.

5. It protects the car's value

More often than not, a car is one of the most expensive purchases you're going to make, second only to buying a house. It is therefore important to protect this investment as much as possible by keeping your car in good condition both inside and outside. The oily bits also need to be kept in tip-top shape too, and this can be achieved by having your car serviced regularly. It is a fact that your car will be worth more when you come to sell it if it has a full service history from a franchised dealership like ourselves. Also if the car is written off in an accident, the insurance company may pay out a lower-than-expected sum because they'll say the car is worth less without a proper service history.

6. It can save you money

Having your car serviced at the correct intervals using the correct items as recommended by the manufacturer can save you money in the long run. Keeping your engine, brakes and tyres in good working order will enable you to achieve the maximum possible fuel economy, saving you money at the pumps.

Servicing couldn't be easier

With our online service booking tool, booking your service is fast and simple. All you have to do is follow our short guide below or watch our video.

  • Go to, on the homepage there will be a book online tile to click.
  • Enter your registration in the box, click find vehicle and enter mileage.
  • Enter your postcode to find your nearest dealer.
  • You can choose your preferred dealer and continue.
  • Choose what type of service you would like.
  • Pick a date for your service and continue.
  • Enter a few personal details and confirm your booking.

And that's it, you've booked a service, giving your car more value and more importantly, gives you the peace of mind of having a safe and more economical car.

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