Six Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car

23rd Jul 2019

By Daniel Hitchman

Six Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car
We're willing to wager that a large percentage of motorists looked for that all important 'FSH' acronym when they were hunting for the cars they drive today. The reason for that is because it signifies that the car has a full service history, which means it has been looked-after. This ultimately translates into the car being a wise purchase.

Despite that, no one looks forward to that time of year when the car's annual service pops up. If a car owner is looking to cut corners with the running costs of their cars, then the annual service is usually one of the areas that gets compromised. Some may opt to do a DIY service at home, while others may not even bother at all!

However, there are six very good reasons why you should invest the money and get your car serviced with your local Evans Halshaw retailer.

It maintains the warranty

Perhaps the most important reason of all. Protecting the Manufacturer's warranty on a new car can only be done by having services carried out at, or before, the correct intervals. Servicing outside of the Manufacturer's guidelines can invalidate the warranty, possibly leaving you to pick up the repair bill if something should go wrong.

If you aren't sure when your vehicle's next service is due, then refer to your handbook. Alternatively, give your nearest Evans Halshaw a call, who will be able to advise you, and even get you booked in if a service is due.


It keeps the engine healthy

Cars need to be serviced. They are designed to require maintenance to keep them in good working order. Having the oil and filters changed at regular intervals prevents any dirt or dust getting into the engine's oily bits and potentially causing major issues. It will also prolong the engine's longevity and ultimately the car's overall life span.

A general rule of thumb is that your oil should be a golden brown colour, so if you check and find it to be a thick black, then we recommend getting it changed. This is less of an issue on diesel cars because of the soot, so don't worry in this case.

Oil Change

It keeps you safe

Although there is nothing massively wrong with someone rolling up their sleeves and doing an oil and filter change themselves. More often than not, they won't check other components of the vehicle to ensure they are in good condition.

While performing a car or van service, we will always carry out a total Vehicle Health Check on your vehicle, enabling us to identify any potential problems or safety concerns. This includes checking major components such as the brakes, suspension and exhaust system to ensure they are in good-working order.

Diagnostic Testing


During the Vehicle Health Check, we'll also check your tyres to ensure that they're in good condition and have a reasonable amount of tread depth. The legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm, but we'd recommend you consider changing your tyres at around the 3mm mark in order to maintain adequate performance on the road, especially in cold and wet weather.

Tip: Apply a quality tyre shine after a car wash because it helps to prevent cracks appearing in the sidewall of the tyre.

Man checking tyre of car

It protects the car's value

More often than not, a car is one of the most expensive purchases you're going to make, second only to buying a house. It is therefore important to protect this investment as much as possible by keeping your car in good condition. The oily bits also need to be kept in tip-top shape too, and this can be achieved by having your car serviced regularly.

It is a fact that your car will be worth more when you come to sell it if it has a full service history from a franchised dealership like ourselves. Also, if the car is written off in an accident, the insurance company may pay out a lower-than-expected sum because they'll say the car is worth less without a proper service history.


It's a false economy not to

Having your car serviced at the correct intervals using the correct items as recommended by the manufacturer can save you money in the long run.

An engine that hasn't been serviced regularly will use more fuel than one that is well-maintained, which means more trips to the pumps. Cheap tyres that are worn are worse in the wet and have a greater braking distance than quality tyres with good tread, which means you're not as safe as you could be. And brakes are the only thing that slow you down, so why would you risk not having them maintained properly?

Technician under car
A regularly serviced vehicle is worth more money, results in maximum efficiency and is safer in general. So, the question we should be asking is: can you afford not to have your car serviced annually?

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