Brakes - What's Stopping You?

10th Dec 2015

Brakes are something that we seem to take for granted. A sudden change in traffic ahead, you press the pedal and it works - time and time again.

With the amount of wear your brakes take, it is important to make sure they are regularly inspected for wear.

How long does it take to brake?

The stopping power of your is incredibly important, whether there is an incident that requires emergency braking or to counterbalance a slower reaction to changing traffic conditions.

Our perceptions can be inaccurate as our reactions can differ time to time. As seen below in our guide to stopping distances, it takes a massive 96-metres to stop from 70mph, and that's based on good weather conditions and road surface. 


A Guide to Braking Stopping Distances

Are worn brakes dangerous?

Combined with speed, poor brakes take a large proportion of motor related deaths. According to the Department for Transport, most motorists will wait until they are alerted by a brake warning light to get their brakes checked.

As this light cannot always detect wear on your brakes it can be dangerous to rely on this system alone. Leaving your brakes to wear out can be a very dangerous thing to do. 

Alongside increased stopping distances and skidding, not checking you brakes can also lead to brake failure, meaning the inability to stop at all.

Our Frequently Asked Questions can verify whether there are any underlying issues with your brakes, or alternatively you can get your brakes checked by a qualified professional.
Worn Car Brakes

Do I need to get my brakes checked?

If you neglect getting your brakes checked, this can result in increased labour costs, or even worse - no brakes at all.

Some ways to notice if your brakes need attention, is to check whether there is any noise whilst driving - such as squealing or grinding. Or, if you have a different feeling when using the brake pedal (spongy or not responsive enough) and whether your brakes do not stop you as fast as they once did.

Don't risk having worn brakes, our complimentary brake check will eradicate any doubt you have about your brakes. Qualified technicians will inspect all safety aspects of your vehicle, giving a detailed report and recommendations.

This includes your brake pads, discs drums, hoses, pipes and brake fluid condition, to give you peace of mind this winter.

Evans Halshaw Brake Check