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Learn how to look after your car and keep it working as it should with these simple video tutorials

Learn How to Check Your Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle between routine servicing is a must if you want to maximise its performance and keep yourself (as well as others) safe when driving.

However, if you're not to familiar with the mechanical bits of a car, then it can all seem a bit daunting. That's why we created these simple-to-follow video tutorials, which have been created to cover basic vehicle maintenance.

Whether you're wanting to learn how to complete basic tasks such as topping up your vehicle's engine oil, or you need help changing the wheel, these guides are a great place to start.

How to Check and Fill Your Oil

Think of engine oil as the lifeblood of your vehicle's engine; without it your car wouldn't be able to operate. In fact, running your car or van low on oil can cause catastrophic damage, which translates to a hefty repair bill.

It's perfectly normal for your vehicle to burn engine oil over time, especially as it gets older. This is why it's essential that you ensure the oil level is topped-up between services.

It's also important that you buy the correct oil for your vehicle, which will be outlined in your vehicle's handbook. We would recommend investing in a funnel, because it prevents any potential spillages.

How to check and top up your car's brake fluid

Brake fluid is an integral part of your vehicle's braking system, meaning it's important to regularly change it (typically every two years) and ensure it's not running low.

In this video, we show you how to check your vehicle's brake fluid levels, and how to top up the reservoir if it's low. 

It's important to note that if your brake fluid needs topping up regularly, then you may have a fault with your vehicle, in which case it's important to get it looked over by a trained technician immediately.

How to Change Your Vehicle's Wiper Blades

Wiper blades aren't the most interesting part of a car or van, but they play an integral role by keeping you safe when driving in the rain. So, it makes perfect sense to ensure your vehicle's wiper blades are performing as they should.

Over time, the rubber on a wiper blade will deteriorate, sometimes to the point where it will start to come away from the blade itself. In addition, as they come towards the end of their working life, you may notice they smear water on your windscreen; far from ideal or safe.

Wiper blades that are excessively worn are deemed an MOT failure, which is just another reason to get them changed.

How to Check Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning is Working

Your vehicle's air conditioning is great isn't it? Turn it on, choose a temperature, and then bask in a sea of comfort as it cools you down during peak summer.

However, your air conditioning requires servicing just like the rest of your vehicle. It the air con has stopped working, then it could be something simple like a re-gas is needed; or it could be faulty component within the system itself.

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how you can check your vehicle's air conditioning. Remember, if you aren't sure, then you can book yourself in for a free health check at any of our Evans Halshaw retailers.

How to Perform a Tyre Safety Check

Your vehicle's tyres are the only thing keeping you on the road, so it's essential that include them as part of any checks you do. We recommend checking the tyres on your vehicle at least once a month to ensure they are in good condition.

In this video tutorial we show you how to perform a basic check on your tyres, where you should be looking at the tread depth and tyre pressure. We also advise looking for any premature wear that could be caused by incorrect wheel alignment.

How to Check Your Vehicle's Tyre Pressures

For the tyre's on your vehicle to offer optimal grip, fuel efficiency, and safety, it is important that you ensure their internal pressure meet the specifications that have been set by your vehicle's manufacturer (this info can be found in your handbook).

Low tyre pressures can cause premature wear if left unattended. In addition, the vehicle won't be able to corner as well as it should do or stop effectively, which increases your chance of having an accident.

If you haven't got one, we recommend investing in an electric tyre pump. They are inexpensive to buy and make tyre maintenance much easier than a traditional manual pump.

How to Change a Wheel

Getting a flat tyre that has been caused by a puncture is one of the potential hazards of driving we can't avoid. And there's nothing worse than being stuck at the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance to come and help you out.

However, this video tutorial shows you how to change your wheel using the tools that come with your spare wheel (where applicable) so that you can get the job done yourself and get on your way again.

Please remember that the video is a basic tutorial, and that you should examine your vehicle's handbook to identify the correct jacking points and procedures before undertaking the task for yourself.

How to Check Your Vehicle's Tyre Tread

Ensuring the tyres on your vehicle have enough tread on them is essential for safety and ensuring you aren't breaking the law. The legal minimum for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, although we highly recommend changing tyres once they hit the 3mm mark.

For this video tutorial, we show you how to check the tyre tread depth on your vehicle using a depth gauge, which is an inexpensive tool that can be bought from a variety of online marketplaces.

Note: Motorists are liable for a fine of up to £2,500 per illegal tyre on their car, plus three points on their license. In short, don't risk it.

Seek Professional Help

Car maintenance between services doesn't have to be a chore. There's something very satisfying about keeping your car in the best possible condition throughout the year. The best bit is that it could save you money.

If you're ever in any doubt, then please seek professional help. It's also worth remembering that we can offer you a Vehicle Health Check at any time, where we will be more than happy to identify and take care of any maintenance your vehicle may need.