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A tyre check is a great way of making sure that your tyres are safe and legal

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The maintenance of the tyres on your vehicle is essential for the safety of yourself and other motorists. Although there are a number of checks you can do for yourself at home, it can be reassuring to have a qualified technician inspect your tyres and give you a report.

In addition to the complimentary Vehicle Health Check we offer with every visit, we can arrange for our technician to inspect your tyres for you.

Following the check they will give you a comprehensive analysis of the overall health of your tyres, including any recommendations they may have.

What Does a Tyre Health Check Involve?

Our technicians inspect a number of elements surrounding the tyres on your vehicle, which include:

  • Remaining tread
  • Tyre pressures
  • Checking the sidewalls for any bulges or other damage
  • Looking for any cracking
  • Analysing tyre wear to make sure it's even across the tread
  • Checking the wheel alignment to see if it's within manufacturer specification*


*there will be an additional charge for any adjustments that are required

Tyre Wear: What is The Legal Limit?

As a wear and tear item, all tyres will require replacing at some point. A reduction in tyre tread affects the ability of your vehicle to brake and corner effectively.

Currently, the legal minimum tread is 1.6mm, although we recommend you replace your tyres once they get to 3mm because this is when they are approximately 78% worn.

If you get pulled over with illegal tyres on your vehicle, then you face a fine of up to £2,500 per illegal tyre, plus three points on your licence. In short, taking advantage of our tyre health check could save you money and ensure you remain safe when driving.