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What is the value of my car?

Looking to sell your car, part-exchange or are just interested in how much your car is worth? Our free online valuation can provide you with your car's value within minutes.

Before you get started, you'll need to be aware of the various factors that can impact your car's value.


Factors that increase the value of your car


Car manufacturers that have more prestige typically carry a greater value than your everyday volume brands thanks to superior build quality, technology, and engine choices.


Rare cars are worth more than cars that you see on a regular basis. This doesn't just apply to exotic vehicles, as some performance and special versions of regular cars are considered rare.

Service History

A car needs regular maintenance throughout its lifetime. Ensuring your car has a comprehensive history of any work done can positively impact the value of your car. Choosing to service your car using manufacturer-approved parts, as opposed to cheaper ones, shows the car has been well looked after throughout its life.


When a new car is released by a manufacturer, it's made available with a variety of different specifications, with each typically bringing a host of different features with it. As a result, cars with the highest available specification are worth more than models with fewer optional extras fitted.


The condition of a vehicle heavily influences its value. Any damage to the vehicle will need to be repaired by the next owner, so taking care of your car and rectifying any damage will increase the car's value. Regularly washing your car also helps to maintain the quality (and value) of your vehicle.

Factors that decrease the value of your car

High Mileage

Put simply: the lower the mileage, the more desirable a car is, which reflects in its value. High mileage cars are more likely to require costly upkeep in the long run, which is why they're worth less.

Number of Owners

A car with a low number of owners is more likely to have been well-maintained compared to an example with numerous owners because they've kept it for longer, and will therefore have maintained the car accordingly to prevent costly faults.


Cars depreciate in value as they get older due to the technology and drivetrain becoming dated compared to modern equivalents. Although older cars still have plenty of life left in them if maintained correctly, their remaining working life isn't as long as newer examples.


There's a number of elements on your car, that need to be replaced throughout its lifetime and these can affect how much your car is worth. For example, if your tyres have a small amount of tread left, these will need to be replaced by the next owner.


If your car is due an MOT in the near future, this will reduce the value of your car.

Why should I choose Evans Halshaw to value my car?

Valuations For Any Car

Regardless of age, mileage or condition, we can provide a value for any car. Simply enter your vehicle's details to receive a free valuation and learn how much your car is worth.

We'll Pay More

When you value your car with a 3rd party online valuation company, they'll take a cut from your vehicle's value before they sell it to an auction house, who will sell it to us. Cut out the middlemen and come straight to Evans Halshaw and you'll receive a higher valuation for your car. Plus, we'll never charge any admin fees.

Hassle-Free Process

Learning what your car is worth couldn't be easier. If you're happy with your free online car valuation, you can book an appointment at your nearest Evans Halshaw dealership to sell your car. There's no obligation to purchase another car from us as the money will be sent directly to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to value my car?

Receiving a valuation for your car with Evans Halshaw is a straight-forward process. All you'll need is your car's registration number and some basic details such as the mileage and condition of your car. After that, simply enter your contact details and you'll be sent your car's value within minutes.

How do Evans Halshaw determine how much my car is worth?

Evans Halshaw use thousands of pieces of data to determine what your car is worth. Factors such as mileage, previous owners, market value and vehicle condition are taken into consideration before we provide you with a valuation. The best part? We offer more for your car than 3rd party online valuation companies and won't charge any admin fees.

How do modifications affect my car's value?

Modifications such as aftermarket alloys and body kits can decrease the overall value of your car compared to cars that are completely stock.

Does depreciation affect what my car is worth?

Yes. As your car gets older, its overall value will decrease or 'depreciate'. This is because newer cars feature better technology that are more attractive to potential buyers. There's no way of accurately calculating how much your car will depreciate, but a general rule of thumb is up to 50% from when it was first registered.

Will I receive email confirmation of my valuation?

Yes. Once you've filled in all the necessary details, we'll send you confirmation of your valuation within minutes.

How long is my car's valuation valid for?

The valuation offered will be valid for seven days from the date of issue providing the vehicle remains in materially the same condition as set out in the appraisal. This gives you time to decide what you want to do with your car.

Can I sell my car to Evans Halshaw after receiving a free valuation?

We'd love to purchase your vehicle. Once you've received your online valuation, simply book an appointment with your nearest Evans Halshaw dealership and gather up a few documents and we'll take care of the rest. More information can be found within our Sell Your Car section.

Can Evans Halshaw value a car with outstanding finance?

We sure can. There's a section within our online valuation process that allows you to enter any outstanding finance that is left on the car. We will then calculate how much you'll receive after the finance has been cleared. Unfortunately, if the valuation figure is lower than the finance settlement figure, we will not be able to buy your car.